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Austin 10 GS1.

A leisurely perusal of the main index of period photographs, will bring up many examples of Austin 10 from the early 1930s, through to the Cambridge of 1937/1938. This page though will feature the GS1 type of Austin Ten, a much-revised variant that was introduced in 1939. Production of vehicles for the military continued throughout WW2, although civilian buyers - if they were lucky - would have to wait until hostilities had ended before they could get their hands on one, if they'd missed out in 1939. The vehicle shared many parts with the contemporary Austin 8. HGU 531, a London-registered example of the GS1, is a post-war Ten from 1946.
Nothing is known about this car. The photograph sees the Austin parked in a slightly rickety wooden outbuilding-cum-shelter, surrounded by random items scattered about the place. The shiny Austin looks more than a little out of place really, its paint and chromium trim glistening. Was the photo taken at a warm time of the year? Quite possibly, both windscreen wipers have been positioned below the bottom edge of the opening windscreen, suggesting that it had been opened recently for additional ventilation to the cabin.
Few will fail to notice the second vehicle present in this image. For in the distance, beyond the smart Austin, is a battered Tri-ang Jeep pedal car no less. The chicken appears to be interested in neither vehicle, while I'd be happy to own either - or ideally both. The Jeep pedal car was introduced, I believe, in the early 1950s, suggesting that this photograph was taken in the mid-1950s. At least the Austin is being well looked after.
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1946 Austin 10 GS1
Austin Tens were available in two- and four-door saloon guise. Additionally, both tourer and panel van versions were also sold. Many were also built as "Tillies", or pickups, for the war effort.

Another Austin 10 - at the seaside?

Thanks to Les for this very clear photograph of a four-door Austin 10 GS1 saloon, possibly at the seaside if the huts in the background, and the possible sand in the foreground, are anything to go by. This example is registered HGH 481, a London issue first used in September 1945, ie shortly after the war in Europe. The car looks new here. Few new cars were being sold to civilians at that time, so the Austin's first owner - presumably the gent shown behind the Austin's steering wheel - must have had a job deemed to be essential to the greater good of the community - perhaps a doctor. Thanks Les, great photo.
1945 Austin 10 GS1
Visually, the 10 was very similar to the contemporary 8. The principle visual differences were as follows - the 8 had smaller headlamps when compared to the 10, and the former had a small, single, rear window, whereas the 10 had two curvier windows, as can be seen on the car above. I do sometimes wonder why companies such as Austin went to the complication and expense of having two different roof pressings, when one would have been more than sufficient for both models.
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