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See Homepage. This page: A 1930s Beardmore tractor unit and trailer in use with a removals and packing firm.
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It took some research to confirm the make of tractor unit shown in the photograph below, the giveaway in the end being the distinctive radiator design, which incorporates the manufacturer's name: Beardmore. The firm's full name was William Beardmore & Co. Ltd.
Beardmore is best remembered for its range of taxi-cabs, first introduced in 1919 and updated in 1923. They were produced at the firm's factory in Paisley, Scotland, and sold via their own taxi company in London. In 1930 the company acquired the rights to build the French Chenard-et-Walcker tractor unit. The design of coupling incorporated in the Chenard-Walcker design allowed part of the trailer weight to be borne by the tractor unit, increasing the latters traction and therefore improving its driveability in damp conditions. These were produced in Clapham, London.
Three versions were offered for sale. The Anaconda was a 15 ton multi-wheeler, while the Python could handle a 10-15 ton payload. The Beardmore Cobra was a 10 ton tractor unit, powered as with the other two variants, by a Meadows engine.
In 1932 this arm of the business was sold off to an independent concern - Multiwheelers - who continued in production with these vehicles until 1937, utilising either AEC or Gardner engines.
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Beardmore removals lorry
The presence of blacked-out headlamps and white paint on the wing edges, signs of wartime use, suggest a photograph dating to the early/mid 1940s. A close-up of the lorry can be seen below:
Beardmore / Chenard Walcker
Quite who the company that operated this Beardmore was I'm not sure. The signwriting on the lorry's door advertises their Removals, Storage & Packing service, and also the vehicle's fleet number of 33. There is a headboard over the cab, but I'm unable to make out any of the information presented on it. The trailer to the right of shot appears to feature the word "Minster" on it. In the background are signs advertising freehold land up for sale, by agents Leopold Farmer and Sons of Gresham Street London, who were surveyors and auctioneers.
The crumpled condition of this photograph makes me wonder if it spent many years tucked away in the wallet belonging to the Beardmore's regular driver. Various pencil-written calculations appear on the rear of this old photo, but no information on who it belonged to.
A photograph of a similar vehicle appears in book titled "British Lorries 1900-1992", although that example doesn't feature the many cooling vents that appear on the bonnet fitted to the truck above, although the shape of the cab is a very close match indeed, as is the cast radiator surround.
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