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See Homepage. This page: Original photograph of a 1938-onwards Bedford van in use with Lodge Radiovision Ltd.
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Bedford HC.

Initially I'd thought that the van below was another example of Bedford's PC van of the post-war years, so similar does it look. However, after closer inspection the van can be positively identified as the slightly smaller 5/6cwt Bedford HC, a model introduced in 1938 and based on the running gear of the contemporary Vauxhall 10hp saloon. This example belonged to Lodge Radiovision Ltd, and was fitted out as a speaker van, the conversion undertaken by Wensley, who, like Lodge Radiovision, were also from Wakefield in Yorkshire. The registration AHL 857 also hails from that area.
The visual differences between the 5/6cwt HC and 10/12cwt PC are subtle - the latter has a higher roofline than the smaller model, and also has a longer wheelbase. For comparison, the JC of 1939 was a 10/12cwt van, with a floor change gearbox and 6 volt electrics. After various updates, such as a switch to column change and 12 volt electrics, the JC became the PC.
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Bedford HC van
Production of vehicles for civilian use ceased during WW2, with the HC re-entering production for a brief while following hostilities. The JC, and later the PC, continued in production until 1952 when the all-new CA was ready for release.
The HC engine was a four-cylinder unit of 1,203cc, rated at 10HP, producing 34.5 bhp at 3,800rpm. Carburetion was by Zenith downdraught, while retardation was taken care of by Lockheed hydraulic brakes. A three-speed gearbox was standard fitment, with floor change. Torsion bar suspension featured up front, while leaf springs were fitted to the rear, at a time when many light vans featured leaf springs front and rear, or in the case of small contemporary Ford vans for instance, just a single transverse leaf spring at either end of the chassis.
Torsion bar front suspension
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