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See Homepage. This page: A fabulous old photo of two Bedfords used to deliver tobacco supplies in Harrogate.
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1930s Bedford ASYC delivery vans.

As a fan of ancient delivery vans and pickups, it was a treat to receive this interesting old photo from Chris. He used to work for this firm, hence his interest in the scene portrayed in this image. Both vehicles, 8cwt Bedford delivery vans of the mid/late 1930s, belonged to "The Robert Sinclair Tobacco Co. Ltd", a tobacconist's supply business. Chris was hoping that the age of the vehicles might be determined. The registrations are a big help, ie DBB 288 and EBB ???. The former DBB series was introduced in March 1936, catering for vehicle owners in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne. EBB registrations began in January 1937, in the same area. Therefore both Bedford vans were registered in 1936-1937 or thereabouts.
The earlier of the two vans, shown being loaded with stock, is finished in a darker colour than the later vehicle on the right. Both though feature signwriting for the owner's business, and have diagonally-positioned advertising boards fitted to their roofs. The righthand vehicle does a good job of promoting "Black Boy Twist", presumably a brand of pipe tobacco. Fleet numbers of "8" and "11" on the vans' doors suggest that the firm ran quite a number of delivery vehicles across the area.
Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the small badge fitted to the nearside front bumper iron of the lefthand van. The badge, featuring a steering wheel, is for the BDC - the then-popular Bedford Drivers' Club.
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Two pre-war Bedford ASYC vans
The 8cwt Bedford ASYC van was based upon the 12hp Vauxhall saloon of 1932/1934 (ASY). In addition, there was a slightly uprated version called the ASXC, which was the commercial variant of the 14hp Vauxhall ASX saloon, also of 1932/1934 and rated at 8cwt.
My thanks to Chris for allowing me to share the photograph here.
A number of pre-war Bedfords feature on the site, including the 1938-onward HC range of light delivery vehicles.
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