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Homepage. This page: Early motoring photographs featuring the Beeston-era Humber touring cars of the early vintage era.
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Beeston Humber.

This motoring photograph dating to the Edwardian era features a Beeston Humber, with a full load of passengers on board. Brian sent it over, wondering if the car could be identified, apparently it's dated 1907 and the car belonged to the Trivett family, who lived in Nottingham.
The Humber bicycle firm was founded in 1868, and were soon producing cycles in factories in Nottingham, Beeston and Wolverhampton. Thomas Humber, founder of the company, had noticed the rapidly-growing interest in motorcars with the general public, and in 1899 introduced his first motor-car. Cars of varying sizes and performance would follow, with production at the Beeston plant continuing until 1908, after which production of motor-cars was consolidated at their Coventry premises.
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A Beeston Humber
Brian's photo shows a Beeston Humber fitted with Roi Des Belges touring coachwork. The chauffeur , wearing motoring coat, cap and goggles, is sat behind the (single spoke) wheel, with the family - including pet dog - sat around him, ready for a winter's day ride out in the country.

A second example of Edwardian-era Humber.

Nearly five years passed between updates on this page, so I'm grateful to Richard for allowing me to share the following photograph. His great grandfather is one of the hatted and mustachioed gents, photographed in a Beeston-built Humber. Registered in the Staffordshire area, little else is known about this example. The coachworks bears some similarity to the first car shown on this page, although here at least there is a windscreen. Perhaps they were off to a football match, and that's a team scarf, peeking out below the part-opened screen. They're certainly well wrapped up in any case, suggesting that the drive out in the Humber might not be the warmest of activities they could have chosen that day.
Another similar car
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