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See Homepage. This page: A cabriolet version of the oval-window Volkswagen Beetle built during the 1950s.
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VW Beetle Cabriolet (by Karmann).

I've quite a few photographs of oval-window (6v) Beetles on the site now, mainly on the following pages: VW Beetle p1 and VW Beetle p2. This however is the first period photo I have of the Karmann-bodied Volkwagen Beetle Cabriolet, a model first produced by the Austrian firm in 1949.
This photo shows a Germanic-looking chap stood alongside a Beetle cabrio, horn in hand. The Beetle sports a "D" (for Deutschland) chrome letter on the rear wing - hopefully someone will be able to identify where exactly the VW was registered, based on its distinctive number plate style.
There are many home-grown VW convertibles and cabriolets around, but the proper factory-approved Karmann Cabriolets are a totally different proposition, and are desirable now amongst the ranks of VW enthusiasts everywhere. Details such as a glass rear window, and squared-off tops to the front quarterlights, are the first visual clues of the Karmann-built cars.
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An original VW Beetle Cabriolet by Karmann
Parts for Karmann Cabriolets can be advertised FOC on the VW Beetle Cabriolet free ads page.
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