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Mid-1920s Bignan tourer.

The gent in this photograph, provided by Jon via the OCC Facebook page, is of his great uncle; the car that he's stood next to has also been identified. The car in question is a circa 1925 Bignan, possibly the 11CV 2-litre model, built by Etablissements Industriels J. Bignan in Paris, France (my thanks to John W for confirming the maker).
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Photo of a 1920s Bignan
Cars began to roll out of the company's factory in 1918. The 11CV tourers were equipped with 2-litre SOHC engines producing 50bhp, coupled to a four-speed gearbox, and kept in check by servo-assisted brakes - to the front axle only. Tourers and saloons were produced for road use, but a number of competition versions were also assembled with streamlined four-seat bodies, their engines uprated to 70bhp. A number of smaller-engined cars were also produced, sharing many of their components with contemporary cars from other manufacturers, including Ballot and Salmson.
Despite some success in competition and in road-car sales, production would come to an end in 1930, the final cars being the 2-litre models, and also two straight-eights which used engines from S.C.A.P.
The tourer shown above is a RHD example, its distinctive radiator surround and badge can be made out. The roof's down and the side screens are in place. The gent's attire though points to it being a particularly chilly day, note his magnificent pair of gloves.
Thanks for the photo Jon.
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