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Parts for older bikes are being listed all the time, so remember to pop over on a regular basis and see what's been added to this website recently.

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Raleigh Motorcycles, by model:

Shown below are all the adverts placed for classic & vintage Raleighs, pulling together ads that can be found on the existing, model-specific, Raleigh pages.

To read any of the ads in full, or add your own Raleigh bike advert, simply visit the model page that matches your interest(s). On there you'll see just the ads for that particular model, and the simple form to complete if you want to list something for sale, or post a Wanted notice for bits and pieces you're missing for your motorbike.

Adding you own costs nothing, just go to any of the Raleigh pages below and follow the instructions.

All the ads for older Raleighs received so far are listed here, by model...
RM - View the Raleigh RM motorcycle page
RM listings
Spares Wtd: Raleigh 350cc 1922/28 flywheel cover, all front brakes many parts needed - Lancashire, england..
Literature For Sale: Genuine raleigh 1931 models maintenance/repair/parts manual - Gloucestershire..
Spares Wtd: 350cc raleigh +030 piston - Petworth..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh 500 1928, fork, tanks (petrol, oil), part frame, mudguards - Switzerland..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh 500 1928, fork, tanks (petrol, oil), part frame, mudguards - Switzerland..
Parts F/S: Rm6 1969 for spares or repair in rough condtion with v5c 60 - Rochdale..
Spares Wtd: Require a right hand chain guard for a raleigh rm4 moped also a speedo cable - Aberdeenshire..
Information: Wireing diagram for headlight - Norton stockton on tees..
Parts F/S: Wireing diagramfor headlight1963 rm8 automatic - Norton stockton on tees..
Spares Wtd: Rear brake shoes rm8 automatic - Norton stockton on tees..
Spares Wtd: Searching for raleigh motorcycle partrs, including gearboxes for raleigh, if anybody has something, please let me know. e-mail: falcone500@gmx.at - Austria..
Parts F/S: Raleigh 500 sv engine 1927 for sale contact via phone.... - Austria..
Spares Wtd: Wanted rm6 exhaust and manifolds and engine nut - Nottingham uk..
Spares Wtd: Wheels - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Need 2x 23\x2\ wheel rims for raleigh runabout or where available thanks. - Manchester..
Literature Wanted: Wanted manual for raleigh runabout 1964 - West sussex..
Information: Modell mh 500cc 29 - Moritzen-husum@t-online.de..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for front brake parts rear rack some rear brake parts andweal rims and front brake rim for a 1923 raleigh 350 side valve or email carlwd81@hotmail.com - Bunbury australia..
Spares Wtd: Need petrol / oil tanks for raleigh mh 500 1929/30, let me know at: salva.vid@hotmail.com - Barcelona spain..
Parts F/S: Rm9 - complete but engine in box . original reg.doc. free to a good home. - Wirral..
Literature Wanted: Moritzen-husum@t-inline.de - Germany..
Parts F/S: Raleigh motorcycle 1929 frame, forks, gear box, tanks oil&petrol,wheels,handle bars most bits except engine - East sussex ..
Spares Wtd: Wanted rear brake and complete front brake .footrests - Australia..
Spares Wtd: 1927 gearbox footrests brakes email colin.barber5@bigpond.com - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Rm4 air box, tail light, handle bars. - Egham surrey uk..
Spares Wtd: Flywheel removal tool for 49cc whisp to buy or hire please - Bedfordshire..
Spares Wtd: Gearbox for 1932 ohv500 - Suffolk..
Spares Wtd: Wisp smallwheel tyre and tube - Bedfordshire uk..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh moped wanted, any model or condition considered. - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Im looking for an ignition coil for a 1964 raleigh runabout, (located inside flywheel, not mounted on the frame) - Norfolk..
Parts F/S: Engine spares - con-rod, big end bearings, valves/springs - all new for 20s 350 - Carlisle..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh wisp coil or replacement - Knaresborough n yorks..
Information: Started raleigh motorcycle register for motorcycles only - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh rm8 1966 speedo cable - Rickmansworth..
Spares Wtd: 1968 wisp front chrome engine fairing. contact email barrie.holland@virgin.net - Colchester, essex..
Spares Wtd: Footrest - Switzerland..
Parts F/S: 350sv, 1929 crank, cylinder and more old motorparts. - Switzerland..
Spares Wtd: I looking for me 1928 500 ohv the footrest/pegs. please help to find this parts. - Switzerland..
Spares Wtd: I looking for me 1928 500 ohv the footrest/pegs. please help to find this parts. info@m-b-z.ch - Switzerland..
Literature Wanted: I need a repair manual for a 1932 raleigh onbekend - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Wanted front wheelrim for rm6 - Hull east yorks..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 1965 runabout petrol tap - United kingdom..
Spares Wtd: Piston and cylinder wanted for raleigh rm6 runabout, any assistance gratefully recieved - Crnwall..
Spares Wtd: Raliegh runabout hub puller - Stockton on tees..
Spares Wtd: Oil pump for 1927 500cc model21 s/v email colin.barber5@bigpond.com - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted raleigh model 20 tank knee rubbers - Chester england..
Spares Wtd: Wanted \flyscreen\ for my 1966 raleigh rm 12 super 50 or any other parts - Lincolnshire..
Parts F/S: Ralieghwishmoped - Bedfordshire..
Information: Any info on a raleigh wisp owners club or information please - Glasgow..
Spares Wtd: Oil pump drive gear for 350 sidevalve 1926 - Hampshire..
Parts F/S: C reg runerbout needs work.withv5 - Cumbria uk..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh rm1 front wheel collection arranged - Southern ireland..
Spares Wtd: I looking for me 1928 500 ohv the footrest/pegs. please help to find this parts. - Switzerland..
Parts F/S: Sturmey archer ma gearbox for sale exchange upright hw gearbox or parts - Scotland,uk..
Spares Wtd: Wanted good white saddle or just cover for moped, - North wales..
Spares Wtd: Wanted pair of decent chrome wheels for rm6 runabout, thanks - North wales..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh rm1 saddle - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Front brake for rm6 - N, yorks..
Spares Wtd: 1927 raleigh gear box wanted lostboycustom@gmail.com - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Rm9 top engine mounts desperately wanted. willing to buy a whole engine just for the top engine mounting parts. ive had my rm9 ultramatic 18 months now, but it turned out it had an rm6 engine crudely bolted on. bought correct engine but mounting mis - Notts, uk..
Spares Wtd: Looking for 1927 350cc ohv engine components to suit the crankcases, barrel and head i already have. all small parts welcome. - Perthshire, scotland..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh wisp rm7 karco petrol tap lever extension mth242 - Bournemouth uk..
Parts F/S: Vidquusxzowskyrvxyv - New york..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh runabout fuel cap - Perth ..
Spares Wtd: Wisp fuel tap - Preston lancs..
Parts F/S: Wanted main jet for rm 4 raleigh runabout would consider a complete carbureter at the right price - Hook hants ..
Parts F/S: Raleigh model 23 500 ohv 1929 - tool box - rear stand - oil cap - construtroya@hotmail.com - Spain..
Spares Wtd: Wanted raleigh model 23 500 ohv - oil cap - tool box - rear stand - construtroya@hotmail.com - Spain..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh moped carrier - Radstock ..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh wisp spares wanted - Harrogate..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh wisp spares wanted - Harrogate..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh wisp spares wanted leg shields windshields white seat toolroll - Harrogate..
Parts F/S: Raleigh 500 ohv complete crankcase,crankshaft,camshaft,head to sell complete parts - Croatia..
Literature Wanted: Manuals and parts for a rm1 - windsor on canada..
Spares Wtd: Inlet exhaust valves for 348cc side valve model 16 1926 - Hartlepool ..
Wisp 49cc - View the Raleigh Wisp 49cc motorcycle page
Wisp 49cc listings
Spares Wtd: Wanted: rear frame fairing(engine cover) - Southampton..
Parts F/S: Raleigh 250cc side valve external fly wheel 1921 unrstored - Victoria- buenos aires- argentina..
Spares Wtd: Drive chain - B603qd..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp - Fife , scotland..
Parts F/S: Two 350cc raleigh side valve engines for sale. also a 500cc side valve engine. all late 20s era. - Uk..
Parts F/S: Complete wisp - Cambridge..
Spares Wtd: Ht coil - Liverpool..
Literature For Sale: Raleigh wisp owners guide - Devon..
Parts F/S: Wisp 49cc for sale - complete unrestored condition. - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Wisp fuel tap handle wanted or any other wisp spares - Northants..
Spares Wtd: Rear light (plastic part- mine shattered and dissapeared recently) - Guildford / london..
Parts F/S: Unrestored- dry-stored since i put it on the road 10yrs ago. apart from a missing rear light cover there is a bolt that snapped off on the engine. very easy restoration. offers considered. - Guildford / london..
Spares Wtd: Cables,leavers,rear light lense, sprockets wanted please help - East sussex..
Spares Wtd: Wisp 49 cc: fuel tank tap tap; petrol tank cap, or fuel tank, cap and tep in good condition (metallic gold). could sell bike to enthusiast good condition little used and full documentation. - London..
Literature Wanted: Manual wanted - Jersey..
Spares Wtd: Wisp 49cc chrome coil cover and rear light lens needed - Hampshire..
Information: Help!!does anyone know where to find the frame number on a wisp?any info on this gratefully appreciated. - Surrey..
Spares Wtd: Wanted gold wisp tank - Kent..
Parts F/S: 2 raleigh whisp engines for sale in good working order open to all offers sold as pair - Liverpool..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a clutch. - Co. wexford, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted,cheap raleigh wisp,anything cosidered. - Nr stansted..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - raleigh rm6 in good order - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Wanted engine for 49cc wisp - Sussex..
Spares Wtd: Complete raleigh wisp wanted. have you got either an original condition one in good condition or one that has been restored for sale? im placing this ad. on behalf of a computer virgin friend of mine who has a desire to own a raleigh wisp. notts. - Nottingham..
Spares Wtd: Wanted complete back light - East london..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a wisp to either restore or that is already running . - Hereford..
Spares Wtd: Fuel tank and tap - Wiltshire..
Information: Does anyone know where yellow raleigh wisp reg bls837e is as i would like to buy it back. last known to be in berwickshire in late 1970s. - Scottish borders..
Parts F/S: Wanted wisp compleat running order if possible email me with details. - Cambridgeshire...
Parts F/S: Wanted wisp 49.cc running if possible please email with details, - Cambridgeshire...
Parts F/S: Standard piston required - Coalville, leics..
Spares Wtd: Wanted wisp engine special tool (puller) plus whole bike wanted - East anglia..
Spares Wtd: Tyres and tubes 2x12 wanted - U.k..
Spares Wtd: Tyres and tubes 2x12 wanted - U.k..
Tools: Wanted crome engine covers rea tail light - Norhants..
Spares Wtd: Wanted raleigh wisp stickers call me on 07944777348 - East london..
Spares Wtd: Wanted rear tail light - Dalbeattie..
Spares Wtd: Wanted raleigh wisp front mudguard - Lanarkshire..
Information: Wanted raleigh wisp in good condition - Wednesbury..
Spares Wtd: Center stand - Suffolk..
Literature Wanted: Wanted any manuals to help with rebuilding raleigh wisp moped - Whitchurch, hants..
Spares Wtd: Center stand - Mildenhall..
Spares Wtd: Wisp back wheel wanted - Burton on trent..
Spares Wtd: Starboard chrome engine cover - Chertsey..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp 49cc without engine - Brighton..
Spares Wtd: Desperate for tyres or info on where to get them www.wisporium .co.uk - Chertsey..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp wanted, preferably a runner. contact if you have one for sale. - Weymouth, dorset..
Spares Wtd: Wisp 49cc, tyres, silencer barrel and left hand pedal wanted - Se london..
Tools: Wanted fly weel removal tool + spares wanted - Nottingham..
Spares Wtd: Mudcards front and rear with fittings - Wednesbury..
Spares Wtd: Set of piston rings for runabout/wisp - Hull..
Spares Wtd: Tyres 2\ x 10\.must be in a useable conditition.good price paid - Suffolk..
Parts F/S: Need parts for my raleigh/wisp - Cheshire..
Parts F/S: Need parts for my raleigh/wisp - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted for raleigh wisp - Hull hu5 3jd..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted for raleigh wisp - Hull hu5 3jd..
Parts F/S: For sale raleigh wisp ring for details - Birmingham..
Literature Wanted: Front rim etc. - New zealand..
Parts F/S: 1968 wisp, complete and running for restoration - Bungay,suffolk..
Spares Wtd: Tyre 2x12 - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: Raliegh roomer scooter - Chester..
Parts F/S: Rear wheel sprocket and other parts - Evesham worcestershire..
Parts F/S: Raliegh wisp ,good working order, part restored reg.thk848e - Stowmarket suffolk..
Spares Wtd: 1929 model 25 350cc ohv pair of fuel tanks required to complete the restoration. - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted centre stand, left & right chrome engine covers,rear spokes, clutch drum puller. - County durham..
Spares Wtd: Rear right side sprocket for raleigh runabout wanted - Meath ireland..
Literature For Sale: Many used spare parts for raleigh runabouts vast stock to much to list please contct for details - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: Many used spare parts for raleigh runabouts vast stock to much to list please contct for details - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp for sale 1968 good condition/runner contact for details - Birmingham..
Literature For Sale: Workshop manual - Reading..
Spares Wtd: Gaskets and piston rings required for 1967 raleigh wisp. - Solihull/bham..
Parts F/S: Raleigh rm 1 the one with the sturmey archer engine, most sought after model, needs minor fettling to complete earlier restoration, year 1958 cheap for a quick sale. - N.ireland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted(white)rear bag - Wednesbury..
Literature Wanted: Wisp ownersmanual handbook parts lists etc - Guildford..
Literature Wanted: Wanted: wisp workshop manual - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted :wisp prev runner to do up anything considered also would like to trace my original reg nbl20e in the wokingham area - Somerset..
Spares Wtd: Wisp parts req. esp cables, fuel tap chrome engine gaurds etc - Hants..
Spares Wtd: Raleigh spares wisp or runabout - Hants..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp wanted - Cumbria..
Spares Wtd: Fuel tap - Bedfordshire..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp complete needs restoration,for sale - Scotland..
Information: Any nfo on where to get tyres and tubes? also where is the frame number? thanks - Guildford..
Information: Whisp parts wanted - Wolverhampton..
Information: Dealer stickers lit or any bits considered - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Rear wheel wanted for raleigh runabout - Lincolnshire..
Spares Wtd: Need to mud guard and side engine covers left and right - N.ireland..
Spares Wtd: Raliegh wisp ignition coil wanted - Hodthorpe,worksop,notts...
Spares Wtd: I need a carb asap - Manchester..
Parts F/S: Wisp engine - Coalville, leics..
Spares Wtd: engine and ancillaries needed - Southern ireland..
Parts F/S: Complete wisp f reg for restoration gold with basket and front leg shield - Norfolk..
Parts F/S: X 2 raleigh whisps - Ashburton devon..
Literature For Sale: Workshop manual - Bedfordshire..
Parts F/S: Workshop manual - Bedfordshire..
Parts F/S: Wisp parts - Nottingham..
Spares Wtd: Flywheel removal tool for 49cc whisp to buy or hire please - Bedfordshire..
Literature Wanted: Any literature about wisps - N.yorks..
Information: Doesd anyone know how the plastic legshields were attached to the engine in the raleigh wisp? i have two moulded bars but no obvious engine attachment point? - Guildford..
Spares Wtd: Engine wanted - True..
Spares Wtd: Wanted petrol tap - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Wisp wanted any conditon cheap as possible - Oxford..
Parts F/S: Any wisp parts - London..
Spares Wtd: Throttle cable wanted - Eltham..
Spares Wtd: Engine cover/chain guard for wisp - Skipton..
Information: Can anyone tell me the correct type of spark plug for the wisp please? - Northumberland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted raliegh wisp engine - Essex..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp for sale 300 no offers phone for more detailes - Romford..
Spares Wtd: All parts wanted - Scotland..
Spares Wtd: 16 x 2 tyres wanted - Manchester..
Parts F/S: New wisp engine covers look for my listing on ebay. - New zealand..
Parts F/S: Old wisp for sale engine in bits but everything there - Shropshire..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp in gold make me a offer - Kent..
Parts F/S: Raleigh wisp in gold make me a offer please email 123lex@live.co.uk - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Wanted raleigh wisp would like running if poss and log book - London..
Spares Wtd: Looking for raleigh wisp fuel tap or tech drawing of one - Guildford..
Parts F/S: Runabout,spares,bottom,endwith,flywheels,complete&bare,crankcases,2ign,flywheels,coil,ect - Doncaster..
Spares Wtd: Wanted leg sheilds and white seat for my wisp - London..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a fuel tap and front hub - Ayrshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted a fuel tap for my wisp - London..
Spares Wtd: Chain/engine guards for rm7 wisp any colour - Wolverhampton..
Spares Wtd: A fuel tap - Sutton..
Parts F/S: Wisp spares for sale - London..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted - United kingdom..
Spares Wtd: Headlight/rear holdall?engine fairings left & right. any cond. - United kingdom..
Parts F/S: Job/lot raleigh /mobylette engines x 4 for spares/repairs - Essex c0152ap..
Parts F/S: Spare engine for sale - Northumberland..
Spares Wtd: Engine cowl for rm8 - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Wisp holdall / saddlebag white with raleigh logo stripe - Bournemouth..
Spares Wtd: Rear holdall / bag part:myc 546 white to complete restoration. - Bournemouth..
Parts F/S: Wanted mudgards rear light front light engine chrome covers - Wolverhampton..
Spares Wtd: Wanted. barrel and piston. preferably local to orpington area - London..
Spares Wtd: Wisp clutch nut - Cardiff..
Spares Wtd: Wisp clutch nut - Cardiff..
Parts F/S: Require an engine rebuild kit - Ws121ug ..
Parts F/S: Require an engine rebuild kit - Ws121ug ..
Parts F/S: Require an engine rebuild kit - Ws121ug ..
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