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See Homepage. This page: A colour snapshot taken at this once-thriving British holiday destination.
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Coronation Car tram No. 306 in Blackpool.

How many millions of people have spent childhood holidays at Blackpool, and for how many of them was an exciting ride on one of the resort's distinctive trams a highlight? This colour photograph was taken in 1963, and was developed onto Kodak paper in August 1963. Two of the town's distinctive cream and green trams are shown in action, with the equally recognisable tower looming heavenwards in the background. In the foreground, a mother and daughter - both clutching their ice creams - dart across the tram tracks, while an older chap sporting a flat cap, watches on.
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Coronation car tram in action
Other than the fact that it's an example of a Blackpool Balloon car of the 1930s, built by English Electric, there isn't much more to say about the double-decker tram in the distance. Handily, the nearer tram sports a fleet number - 306 - which aids its identification. Number 306 is a "Coronation Car" built in 1952 and so-named the following year, with coachwork by a Charles Roberts. Twenty-five of these vehicles operated in the town apparently, and were designed for carrying up to 56 passengers. A heavy design, it weighed in at a not-unsubstantial 20 tons. In 1968 this car was re-numbered 643, and saw its last season of service in 1970, before being scrapped in 1971. Sister vehicle number 304 enjoys a much happier retirement, as on leaving service it entered preservation, and remains in running condition to this day.
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