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See Homepage. This page: A selection of 1930s cars parked alongside a railway line in Boston.
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A scene at the Boston & Albany Railroad in the 1930s.

This little photo turned up in a batch I bought recently. Although I can't identify the various 1930s' cars parked alongside the railway line, I still think it is a great scene. A note on the back advises that the photo was taken at South Station, Boston, in 1934. This can be confirmed by the legend on a distant structure that reads "Boston and Albany Railroad". Just visible in the distance, beneath that sign, is a line-up of classic trucks, presumably either delivering or collecting freight from the terminal. The main subject of the photo was undoubtably the fine steam locomotive rumbling by, clouds of sooty steam climbing heavenwards as it passes by.
A steam loco seen at Boston
South Station was opened in 1899. The Boston & Albany Railroad connected Boston, Massachusetts to Albany in New York. If anyone can shed light on the type of loco shown I'd like to hear from you, thanks. Equally, any identities of the cars shown, including the very smart looking 2dr coupe, would be most welcome :-)
Update. After some discussion on the site forum, the type of loco in the photo has been identified as a Boston & Maine Pacific 4-6-2 passing thru the Boston & Albany rail yards. "Stuchamp" adds: "Another clue is the oilers on the side of the boiler that are only used on the Pacific 4-6-2".
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