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Homepage. This page: Photographs of a former Ford garage on Armitage Road, Rugeley (2006).

Bradbury & Brown Ford garage, 2006.

The date was January 2nd, 2006. I, accompanied by 'erindoors, had spent a jolly couple of hours mooching around a chilly New Year's Day autojumble over at a decidedly-windswept Donington Park (I know how to show a lady a good time). Actually I'm surprised she'd agreed to go, a few years earlier we'd made the same trip to view a touring car race at Doni, which via a series of later negotiations and logistical head-scratching led to taking on the restoration of a 26ft-long pile of rapidly-decaying Anglo-US vehicle that we happened to stumble across on the same day. But that's another story. Fortunately on this occasion, no such ambitious acquisitions were made, and for once the Dog House didn't beckon.
After a fun-packed time spent looking through boxes of unidentifiable oily and/or rusty parts, it was time to head homeward. For reasons lost to the mists of time, we decided to cut across country rather than heading to the westbound A50 as usual. We ended up in Rugeley, Staffordshire, which is where we chanced upon this former Ford garage and sales emporium, Bradbury & Brown. It looked somewhat dilapidated and clearly was in danger of being demolished for housing at any moment. Our trusty Teutonic steed was brought to a hasty halt, the camera grabbed, and a couple of photographs were taken in the name of posterity, with a view to adding them to OCC ASAP. Eleven years later, they were added in.
The old Mercedes E280 estate (S124 shape), registration M780 XVE, was our daily-use car at the time, one of four estates of this design we owned over the years. The 2.8 litre Merc still shows on a check of the DVLA website, but also reveals a tax renewal date of March 2011, so it's either sat mouldering away somewhere, or (more likely) ended up being scrapped and the paperwork simply disposed of rather than returned to DVLA. Shame, these are excellent cars and good ones are beginning to be quite sought-after.
Bradbury & Brown Garage, Rugeley, Staffs
As for the building, further research online suggests that the Bradbury & Brown garage was levelled for housing in 2008, although the site remained unused for a few years and in 2011 the local authorities were investigating why permission to build housing on the site had yet to be acted upon. Google Streetview (2009 and 2012 images) shows a cleared site, yet to be built on. Perhaps now the new houses are in place?
Does anyone remember this garage in its heyday? Perhaps you worked there, or bought a Ford from this old Staffordshire garage?
The old Ford garage in Brereton, Rugeley
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