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See Homepage. This page: A motorcycle rider sat on his vintage racing motorcycle at the Brooklands circuit.
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Motorcyclist and his B14 Excelsior J.A.P. at Brooklands.

Another of the old photo scans sent over by Mark Luff, this one is of a motorcyclist, now identified as G.R. Stanley, sat on his B14 Excelsior J.A.P. at the Brooklands circuit in Weybridge, in 1936. No notes accompany the photo, but happily a member of this site's forum was able to identify both the rider and the motorcycle. A number of cars are parked away to the left, while on the right the Vickers sheds can be seen.
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Motorcycle racer on a B14 Excelsior J.A.P. at Brooklands
The first motorcycle race held at Brooklands took place in 1908. The British Motorcycle Racing Club was formed the following year, and while the following for two-wheeled racing at the circuit took a little while to gather momentum with the general public, over time interest in these brave racers and their race-tuned machines grew.
Following two successful motorcycle meetings held at Brooklands during the Great War, races for two-wheelers became a regular feature of post-WW1 events, continuing well into the 1930s. By this time a number of leading riders had set up workshops around the circuit, rubbing shoulders and leathers with the leading car racers of the day.
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