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See Homepage. This page: Several views of a vintage Buick car and the family that owned it.
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1920s Buick.

Some more photos from an album I have here. These all feature a large Buick tourer of the 1920s. Initially I suspected it might be a 1927 Buick Model 25, but it's now been confirmed by members of the AACA that it is a 1925 Model 49 (thanks!). Note the wooden spoke wheels, and detachable rims. The front tyre doesn't seem to be overly burdened by tread!
1925 Buick Model 49
Curiously, all the photos I have of the Buick show it with the roof erected. Perhaps the owners lived in an area that rained regularly, or conversely was always sunny, the roof acting as protection!? A close look at the car shows that is is righthand drive, so it was time to try and establish where the photos were taken - Africa maybe? A couple of the photos have "Printed by Harringtons" on the rear - a look online ties this printing company with Australia, a country that has RHD cars just like the UK market, so that would seem to solve that one.
The second photo, a side-view this time of the Buick, shows the driver at the wheel, with a full load of stuff piled on the rear seats. Note the small oval 'opera windows' set into the rear quarter section of the folding roof.
Side view of the Buick
The next shot of the Buick, cropped down a little, shows it parked alongside a railroad, with other cars parked nearby, and a steam locomotive rumbling by on the raised track section in the background. Do any steam engine fanatics recognise the type and/or the operator of the loco?
The Buick, a steam loco and other cars
The final photo here shows a large family, sat in the shade of a tent alongside the Buick.
An American classic built in the 1920s
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