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See Homepage. This page: A fine 1935 Buick seen in England, during the Second World War.
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A Buick Series 60 2 door roadster.

Ann sent in this photograph, enquiring whether anyone could shed more light on the car shown here. On the right is her mother, with another lady who may well be the car's owner. Ann believes the car is a 1935 Buick Series 60 roadster, and I'm sure that's what it is. Are there any Buick experts out there who can confirm the model of car shown below, and maybe suggest how many of these cars made it to the UK? there can't have been many of these cars on the roads of Britain. The windows of the building behind are taped up, suggesting that this Buick was photographed after the outbreak of war in 1939.
A Model 60 Buick circa 1935
Other Series 60 Buicks I've seen for the 1935 model year have spoked wheels fitted, the example above has full-width trims fitted, and you can also make out one of the steps, enabling access to the rear dickie seat, fitted to the rear wings ("fenders"). Also note the rather fine elongated, chromium lamp units. As well as the two door Series 60 roadster, a four door convertible "Phaeton" version was also available, in addition to the more common Model 60 saloons, or "sedans". In 1936 the Series 60 range would be replaced by a new "Century" line-up. If anyone can add some information to the car shown above, please let me know and I'll add it to this page. Thanks to Ann for allowing the photo to be shown here.
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