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See Homepage. This page: A pre-war photograph of a couple sat in a fake sportscar at a Blackpool studio, and other scenes.
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A mock-up of a 1930s sportscar in Blackpool.

A number of photographs similar to this now feature on the site, including this one of a family sat in a veteran-era car on board a ship, and also photo no.40 in the Mystery Cars section, showing a couple of youths sat in a pre-war Morris tourer located within a studio.
The first photograph on this page shows a young couple sat 'in' a representation of a 1930s sportscar, probably an MG, with a painted scene showing Blackpool's beach and tower in the background. Many seaside photographers set up scenes like this in their studios, where their clients could pose alongside various props and buy prints, perhaps to send away for family and friends as a form of holiday postcard. The note on the back of this photo advises that this picture was taken by Will Cooper & Son, of 125 Wellington Terrace, Blackpool. Mr Cooper adds: "I thank you for your patronage and will always appreciate a return visit. Repeat copies can be had from this photograph".
Mockup of a 1930s MG sportscar in a studio

Down the coast to Scenic Studio, in Southport.

I was surprised to find this snapshot at a car boot sale of all places, and it was bought for the equivalent of ten shillings. It was taken at the Scenic Studio, at Pleasureland, Southport, a venue that opened in 1912, a short distance from Blackpool. Again it looks like the 1930s, or possibly even late 1920s. The gent sat at this car's steering looks to be fairly content, unlike his passenger who appears a little ill at ease with being posed in this oddball creation. The radiator surround has echoes of "bullnose" Morris about it, and if the registration plate is genuine, then it too hails from Southport. A winged mascot has also been fitted. The steering wheel reminds me of that found on a Model T Ford, while each road wheel is mounted on four studs.
The tyres exhibit plenty of previous use, and there appears to be a chassis lurking beneath the car's coachwork - there are some interesting details evident in the front axle. I'm not sure what to make of the body, perhaps someone recognises the origins of "FY 1361"? Or is it just something that's been put together for use in the studio, dressed with a few genuine car parts, in the style of a twenties' Light Car? Note the chock wedged under the rear tyre.
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Car in a photographer's studio
Hunting around online brings up another couple, ladies this time, sat in the exact same car (Flickr link), and also a motorcycle (Flickr) at the same studio. Ebay Australia also has a photograph of three people perched in the same car.
Return to Old Vehicle Photos Page 8. Elsewhere in the gallery you'll find a similar image to this, but instead of a classic car, it features a classic off-road scrambles motorcycle.

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