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See Homepage. This page: A fascinating peek into a vintage motor-car workshop in New Zealand, during the 1920s.
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The vintage workshop.

Dane very kindly sent this amazing image over, he adds: "I believe it is the workshop of a firm called Eaton and Marshall in Wanganui, New Zealand. I had the prints made, in about 1970, from negatives loaned to me by an old employee of the business. I don't have a date, but guess that they were taken between 1920 and about 1925. In the background of both photos there is a partition wall, and in the rafters you can see the fast and loose pulley sytem that drove the equipment in that part of the building which was the machine shop. I doubt if the stationary engine in the foreground had anything to do with that, and can't work out what it is there for."
"In the 1970's, some of the overhead shafting was still in use driving various machine tools. Naturally their more modern tools were driven by individual electric motors, but at least two lathes, about three drill presses, and a selection of grinders and other tools were still operated from overhead."
A vintage workshop / garage in use
What amazes me is just how much equipment is packed in around the cars themselves. I've counted four complete cars in this one scene, with just visible in the background, a tourer bodyshell being hoisted up from a chassis. In every corner is equipment designed to help with the maintenance of the motor car, with clipboards and job sheets hanging in the background, to the left of the photograph. Can anyone shed light on any of the marques shown here? I've zoomed in on the two clearest cars in shot, both tourers and probably 8-11hp rated judging by their size. What is the gizmo sat on the running board of the car in the picture below?
Vintage 2 seat car
A car with a mechanic stood alongside
Dane also sent over a second photo taken in this NZ workshop, but this time featuring a late-teens Merryweather fire appliance.
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