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See Homepage. This page: Rare period photograph of an American Chandler Model 35 automobile, of the late 1920s.
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1926 Chandler Model 35.

Jim, from the Vintage Austin Register, sent this photograph over, wondering if the touring car in it could be identified. A mention on the VSCC forum led to this automobile being identified as a circa 1926 Chandler Model 35, or Six as I believe they're also known, in seven-passenger sedan guise. The Chandler's driver can be seen sat at the wheel of this right-hand-drive example, with a lady and a gent stood alongside this smart American motor. Another, hatted, individual can just be made out, sat in the rear compartment.
The biggest clue as to this car's identification was the distinctive chrome radiator, with the three vertical bars. The pronounced peak, or visor, over the windscreen also ties in with other photos I've seen of vintage Chandlers. Note the detachable wheel rim and spare tyre.
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Classic Chandler car
The Chandler was a quality American car of the 1910s and 1920s, with their factory located in Cleveland, Ohio. Various models were produced in the 1920s. Sales increased throughout the decade, with approximately 20,000 cars leaving the factory in 1927. Despite this, the Chandler brand would only continue for another couple of years. In 1929, the firm was purchased by the expanding Hupp Motor Works, and the Chandler name was consigned to history shortly thereafter.
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