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VHC - Car restoration service.

VHC Automotive Restoration, or VHC Engineering Limited / VHC Classics, was based initially in South Cheshire but in May 2008 re-located to nearby Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Between April 2007 and April 2011 they were involved in the rebuild of my 1940s Dodge lorry. The company had two arms to it, one side concentrating on competition car preparation, the other concentrating on the restoration and ongoing maintenance of classic and vintage vehicles, which is the side of things that primarily interested me when I got to hear about this company. Since retrieving the Dodge from their workshops, they ceased trading.
The March/April 2011 instalment of the restoration (click here to read it) confirms that I decided to end VHC's involvement with the project, prior to its completion, for a number of reasons which I can't elaborate on here. As far as I know, they are no longer trading in the restoration business.
Part-restored Dodge Interior stripdown
My Dodge lorry, mid-way though an extensive programme of restoration with VHC (formerly CRR Restorations Ltd). The front end panelwork was being adjusted to fit properly when this photograph was taken. The rear framework required a great deal of work. The lorry, which had been off the road since the mid 1950s, needed restoring throughout. The engine was rebuilt with new bearings, and the remaining running gear checked and re-furbished as necessary.
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