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See Homepage. This page: Two post-war classics, a 1949 Chevy Fleetline, and a post-war Morris Minor MM.
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1949 Chevrolet Fleetline 2100 Deluxe.

Two interesting old cars, similar in age yet of very different design and background. To the left, a 1953-licensed Morris Minor MM saloon, and to the right a swooping Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe two-door fastback, of 1949, a young dame stood alongside it.
The Morris' rear bumper bears clear evidence of the widening job that was done on the early cars, at Issigonis' insistence, at the eleventh hour. The 216 cubic inch Chevrolet is fitted with rear wheel covers, or spats, on which rocket-ship badges are fitted - very "Dan Dare". Otherwise the car looks to be a standard '49 year model, albeit fitted with a large bonnet (hood) mascot in the shape of a bird, in addition to the factory Chevrolet mascot.
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Chevrolet Fleetline from 1949
In 1949, a total of 180,251 examples of the two-door 3,547cc Fleetline Deluxe were produced, the most numerous variant produced in that year by some margin. Four-door versions were also offered, based on the running gear of cars first introduced for 1941. Sold as ".. the most beautiful buy of all", Chevrolet were keen to tap into the post-war consumer optimism that was prevalent in late-40s America ...
After all, your own eyes and your own tests are the best guides to motor car value, and seeing is believing, driving is deciding that this lively and luxurious Chevrolet is, indeed, the most beautiful buy of all.
Your eyes will tell you that its lines, colors, fixtures and fabrics identify it as the beauty leader of 1949 - the only car offering a smart, roomy Body by Fisher at lowest cost.
And your tests will tell you that it offers an entirely new kind of driving and riding ease ... giving a unique combination of performance, dependability and gas and oil economy ... and is extra safe too. For only Chevrolet provides new Center-Point Design, a Valve-in-Head engine, and safety factor after safety factor of highest-priced cars at the lowest prices.
Yes, seeing is believing and driving is deciding that it pays to own a Chevrolet - the most beautiful buy of all - and America's first choice, again this year!
The Fleetline and Styleline continued in production for several years - a 1950 Styleline Special can be found on this page of the gallery.
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