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Chevrolet Master Convertible Coupe.

Two photographs from my own collection open this page. Both feature example(s) of c1934 Chevrolet Master Convertible Coupe, a two-door roadster with rumble seat. The location of these photos isn't known, as far as I recall they came from America, but are printed on German "Agfa-Lupex" photographic paper. The first shot is a head-on view of the two-tone roadster - maybe its registration 341 - MA8 will be a clue as to the location of this image? The scenery could also be a help. The two vehicles in the distant background can't be positively identified, although the nearest may well have a "coal scuttle" type bonnet, as found on some early Renaults.
A beaming young lady is sat behind the wheel of the LHD Chevrolet.
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Front view, 1934 Chevrolet
The second photo again has a young lady posed with an early 1930s' Chevrolet. She's wearing a large-collared overcoat, with - on one lapel - two large letters, "M F". Is it the same car? I'm not sure it is, but someone will tell me I'm sure.
Another view of the 1930s Chevrolet
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