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See Homepage. This page: A classic American motor-car, in the form of a '52 Chrysler Imperial C54.
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Chrysler Imperial C54.

Handwritten notes on the rear of one photo advises that it was taken "along the front at Toronto" in Canada, so chances are that both photos were taken in that area. The car is an imposing Chrysler Imperial of 1952, the final year for the split windscreen arrangment, replaced by a one-piece "windshield" for the 1953 season.
The first shot is a head-on view of the classic Chrysler, parked alongside a wood-clad house. The Imperial, and luxuriously-appointed Crown Imperial, were the top models in Chrysler's line-up for 1952. Mod-cons such as electric window lifts were standard fitment on both cars, while the Crown Imperial also came with Hydraguide power steering and Fluid-Torque Drive as standard (both were optional equipment for the Imperial). The range-topper was also equipped with "airplane-type disc brakes" as standard.
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Front of the '52 Chrysler Imperial
Photograph number two sees two ladies stood alongside the mighty Chrysler in the 1950s, a car powered by the 180bhp Firepower V8 engine - "the most mechanically perfect and dependable engine ever put in a car!", fitted to "The finest car America has yet produced!" contemporary advertising modesty claims. This series was known as the C54, the car shown here was referred to as the Four Door Sedan - 6 Passenger version, which would have cost $3,699 US when new.
Side view of the Chrysler
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