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See Homepage. This page: A classic coach parked overlooking Monaco, and other interesting old coaches.
Original transport photographs
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Photographs of classic coaches in use.

Several coaches, and a good number of char-a-bancs, already feature in the photographic section of the site. This page will contain photographs of as-yet un-identified coaches and/or operators, from the 1930s and later. I've also included a video below featuring 140+ preserved coaches and buses from years gone by.

1. Phoceens coach, Nice, 1938.

The first is this fine high-up shot of an open-top coach, operated by Phoceens Cars of Nice. The date was 29th June, 1938. In the background is Monte Carlo, in the Principality of Monaco. Does anyone recognise the make of coach shown here? Hopefully its distinctive bonnet and louvres will look familiar to someone.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
1930s coach overlooking Monaco
This was a popular stop for the Phoceens' coaches, as a number of 1930's photographs featuring different coaches at this precise location can be found online, namely (external links) here, here, and here.

2. A line-up of coaches in Scotland, 1960s.

Next, a line-up of interesting old coaches parked outside Edinburgh Castle, with each vehicle sporting its own individual coachbuilt bodywork. I can make out two registrations. The third coach from the left hasn't travelled far - it's registered KSC 542 - an Edinburgh issue of 1953 or thereabouts. Next along, is a coach from Barnsley, registered VHE 211 in 1961.
Coaches outside Edinburgh Castle

3. Outside Blair Atholl Castle, 1958.

This came from the same batch of photos as the previous example, but appears to date from 1958, so a few years earlier. The location is Blair Atholl Castle. To the left is a smart motor-coach - possibly a Bedford SB? - with a number of classic cars also in evidence. These include a brace of Standard 10s, a Mk2 Consul, a black Austin Sheerline, and a rare Singer Hunter. The Castle looks like it was ready for a lick of paint!
Coach and cars at Blair Atholl Castle

4. To pre-war Germany.

The following photo was taken in Nurnberg (Nuremberg), Bavaria in the 1930s. The coach is in the process of being loaded up with luggage on its roof, a hatted chap is perched high up on the vehicle's rear corner, and is being passed a passenger's hat box.
A coach being loaded in Bavaria

5. Coaches plus ship.

The location of this next photo is believed to be Naples, with the Castel Nuovo in the background. A line-up of classic coaches is parked up alongside the sizeable vessel, its passengers disembarking down the steps - interestingly liveried with the initials P. & O. S. N. Co., for the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company, or P&O for short. A Commonwealth flag can be seen attached to the ship's flagpole. No name is visible on the side of the ship, nor on any of the vehicles in view. A section of signwriting that has been applied to the sides of the coach nearest the camera can be seen, through the unidentified car's windows, but I doubt that there is enough to aid the identification of the vehicles' owner(s):
Signwriting on one of the coaches
Several 1930s coaches and a P&O ship

6. Blue Cars coach trip.

Handily the passengers stood outside this "Blue Cars" motor coach had positioned themselves in such a way that the livery on its side, for "Blue Cars", was clearly visible. At the time the ladies and gents were looking over to the right, perhaps while a formal group photograph was being taken. Perhaps the operator of the camera that took this snapshot was a little camera-shy themselves? I just wish they'd captured more of the coach's front end styling, as it is a fine looking machine, with an imposing bonnet, large - almost streamlined - front wings, and a curved radiator grille. Chrome or aluminium strips have been added to the front wings, giving it an exclusive, upmarket, look. Is there enough of the vehicle visible to help identify this vehicle?
Coach in use with Blue Cars Ltd

7. Citroen Type C6 Long with NLA of Lourdes, France.

This coach, or autobus as it should be called, was photographed in September 1935 in the ownership of N.L.A. Lourdes, of France, during a trip to the Pyrenees. The style of coachwork at the front end is very reminiscent of an early 1930s Citroen, most likely the Type C 6 Long. I've seen a photograph online of a similar vehicle, in a similar livery, operating in Lourdes, although it had a fixed rather than opening roof. It may be the angle of the photo, but it looks like it could be righthand drive, which for a French vehicle would be unusual. The only benefit I can see to it being RHD is that the driver would have been able to hop out of his seat, straight onto the pavement, in order to open the three side doors for his passengers.
Citroen Type C 6 Long in Lourdes

8. Glenton Tours' Dennis Lancet.

A photo of a very similar vehicle found elsewhere online confirmed that the Glenton Tours open-top coach shown below is a Dennis Lancet, of 1934. The registration is AYT 126. The coach was used for tours of Wales (hence the legend "Wales Tour" which can just be made out below the front screen). A pencilled note reads: "The Glenton & Mr Gill, Barmouth, (Merionethshire)". Note the driver in his smart white overcoat.
1934 Dennis Lancet with Glenton Tours

9. Gents' day out.

These gents look like they were having a good time, wherever or whenever it was. Presumably, f**tball was involved, judging by the chaps holding rattles stood in the front row, and I'm sure that an expert in the matter will be able to identify the team that they supported.
Trip to a football match

10. A continental trip.

Is there enough of the coach visible in this view to identify it? The stickers in the windscreens point to it being a well-travelled vehicle.
A continental coach trip

11. Ladies' day.

Another old coach, here with a group of smartly-dressed ladies blocking its registration. At least the operator can be identified - Kennison's of Hartburn. As for the vehicle itself? I think I can see a Bedford SB chrome grille bar behind the ladies.
Kennison's of Hartburn

12. Southdown Leyland Tiger TS8 coaches.

With a magnifying glass it was just possible to make out Southdown on the front of the righthand coach in this next photo. A group of children are posed with the coaches, presumably during an educational trip out. Both vehicles appear to be Leyland Tiger TS8s.
Southdown Leyland Tiger coaches

13. A French excursion.

This appears to be a fuel stop, "somewhere in France". The sleek coach in the background I can't identify. In the distance is a lady in the process of filling up a small family saloon from a Shell ICA pump (ICA - Ignition Control Additive - was introduced to premium Shell petrol in January 1954). The coach though required "Gasoil" (diesel).
In France

14. Another group of coach passengers.

I wish people would have added notes to the back of these old photos more often. Who this group was I've no idea, there are both ladies and gents present, and there's a chap in military attire sat in the centre.
Another coach, another group of passengers

15. Stop-over at Bourton-on-the-Water.

The year is 1951 (August), and the occupants of the following two coaches were taking a break, stretching their legs and perhaps performing other functions in Bourton-on-the-Water, when this photo (one of a pair) was taken. Sadly, the second photograph is both poorly framed and out of focus, whereas only the first failing applies to the photo below. In it, a pair of coaches are shown at rest. The vehicle in the background is a Bedford OB, while ahead of it a Leyland half-cab sits quietly, just the ticking of its cooling exhaust and the murmur of a few remaining voices inside the cabin, breaks the silence. The annotation penned on the reverse side of the picture identifies the operator as "Bolts", however this is incorrect (see below), while on the side is a logo that appears to feature the letters "JSB".
Another coach, another group of passengers
Update. A helpful gent over on the SCT'61 forum has identified the Leyland as belonging to: "Boult, Walsall, NDH 296 was a Plaxton C33F bodied Leyland PS1/1 new in December 1949, which had fleet number 45." Thanks for that.
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