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See Homepage. This page: Images of vintage Clyno automobiles seen in the 1920s, one registered in Burnley, and other in Aberdeen.
Original transport photographs
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1. A vintage Clyno.

Firstly, thanks to Garry who sent over this motoring photograph recently for identification, and for ok-ing to be shown here. The car was photographed in 1929, and his father is shown on the left, stood on the offside running board. Note the 2 gallon petrol can mounted on the running board, close to his foot. The first letter just visible on the can looks like a 'P', making this a Pratts motor spirit tin. Just visible on the car's radiator is the badge for Clyno, a firm that was once a big player in the British motorcar industry. Fitted to the rad is a temperature gauge, with an aftermarket winged mascot affixed to the top. This Clyno was registered CW 6301, a number issued in the Burnley area. It is believed that the car was photographed in Millom, Cumberland. The n/s/f tyre looks to have no tread on it all, quite a common thing to see when looking at old photos of cars like this.
Front view of a Clyno motor-car

2. A 1920s Clyno tourer.

Next, two photographs sent over by Bill, both showing what he believes is a Clyno tourer, registration number SA 8411 (an Aberdeen number). It certainly looks like a Clyno to me, possibly an 11hp 2 seat tourer - the shape of the radiator, the distinctive radiator filler neck and sidelight mountings, all suggest this being a Wolverhampton-built Clyno.
A Clyno tourer of the 1920s
Rear view of the same Clyno car

3. Another 11hp Clyno?

A photo from my own collection now, showing what looks again to be an 11hp Clyno. The pattern of sidescreen, with the distinctive diagonal split, is similar to that seen in Bill's photographs above, and the shape overall has echoes of that shown in the period ad below. This one is fitted with a non-standard radiator mascot. Note the near-bald n/s/f tyre.
A Vintage 11hp Clyno tourer

4. Vintage Clyno tourer in Llanelli.

Keith Bowen dug out and emailed over the following two photos to add to the site, they show his family's old Clyno tourer, registration BX 2572, a series used throughout the Carmarthenshire area of Wales during the "vintage" years. Regarding this car, he adds:
"This is a Clyno bought by my father's brother-in-law (Harry Williams), probably in the 1920's or 1930's not sure.
He had married my father's eldest sister and started a very successful Fish & Chip Shop in Llanelli, before moving to "expand" in London where he was promptly fleeced of his money but fortunately not before he'd bought himself a house in Streatham Common and a push bike, which he immediately set out on to "learn the knowledge". He remained in London as a Taxi driver for the rest of his life.
This photo was taken at the rear of my grandmother's shop (where she had a smallholding) in Dolau Fawr, New Dock, Llanelli. It shows two of my uncles, Uncle Richard Bowen (left) and Uncle William Bowen (right). Otherwise known as Uncle Dick and Uncle Will, Uncle Dick was quite a character and Uncle Will was a lovely man.
The "strange" connection here is that despite being brought up in Lancashire and teaching on the Fylde before moving to near Wolverhampton where I still live, I walked into the Art Museum and Gallery in Wolverhampton one day to find a replica of the self same car and that's when I learned that the car had been made in the city. Apparently it tried to be a cut above its competitor and was a little more expensive but that was its undoing and people were not prepared to pay more for a slightly improved product."
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Front view of the Clyno
"This next photo looks as if they have the top down and are off for a Sunday drive into the Welsh countryside, with Harry Williams at the wheel. My own father is standing on the pavement holding his baby sister (she died this year - 2012 - aged 83,) so it looks as if it was the 1920's."
Side view of the tourer
Thanks for sending them over Keith.

More information about Clyno.

In the early 20th Century, Clyno were known for a range of motorcycles, and only in 1923 did they offer their first motor-car, a 10.8hp rated car, powered by a Coventry Climax engine. Clyno concentrated their efforts in the small-medium sector of the market, in direct competition with industry heavyweights such as Austin and Morris. Their cars would ultimately range from the 10.8hp, up to a 13hp model, with a variety of body types on offer. By 1927 they were the third most prolific British car manufacturer, requiring them to move to new purpose-built production facilities. The worsening economic situation of the late 1920s hit the car market badly, and Clyno were forced to bring out the new, entry-level 9hp Century model, in a bid to maintain cashflow. Sadly this was too little too late, and the firm closed its doors for the final time in 1929.
Shown below is an advertisement for Clyno cars, dating to 1927. In silhouette is the 11hp two seater (plus dickey) tourer, very similar to the model shown in Bill's photographs. The full range at this time included the 11hp saloon and tourers, the "Royal", and the Dual Purpose saloon, plus 12/28hp 2 / 4 seaters, plus saloon types. All had four wheel brakes, and Dunlop tyres as standard.
Advert for Clyno cars in 1927
Information on Clyno cars is not too common online, there is an owners club site, but unless you're a member there is precious little information available to the public, which is a shame. Fortunately this page on a Wolverhampton history site, provides some interesting background info on this long-since disappeared motor car manufacturer. Owners of Clyno cars may also find this page, in the classifieds section here at oldclassiccar, to be of some use.
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