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A Standard with Swallow coachwork.

In this photograph, Henry Barnett's father (Sid) is shown with a very unusual car from the 1930s, and he was hoping that it might be identified. The styling bears the hallmarks of being penned and built by the Swallow coachbuilding firm, as comparison with the Austin 7 Swallow on this page will demonstrate. The two-tone paint, the split "V" windscreen and the low roofline, all point to this being a Swallow-bodied car. But what car? It looks very much like a Standard to me, and a perusal online turns up a grainy photo of a Standard Big Nine with identical coachwork to the car shown in Henry's photograph, below.
So is this a Standard Big Nine, with Swallow bodywork, or a slightly larger Standard, perhaps a 10hp, or a 12hp? All advice welcomed as always.
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Swallow-bodied Standard Coupe of the 1930s
The location for the photograph is likely to be Westcliff-on-Sea as his father had family in that area. It certainly has the vibe of being a seaside location. My thanks to Henry for providing this fascinating pre-war photograph, don't forget to check out the main index of old motoring images (link below) as there are hundreds to choose from, including many featuring Standards of all ages - including this "Arnaulet" Standard 16hp.
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