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Opel Commodore GS Coupe.

The 1970s - flared trousers, kipper ties, dodgy mullets and sideburns down to the knees. Mercifully, I was very young during this period of questionable fashions so remember little of them. Cars of the era I remember reasonably well, neighbouring driveways to our own being populated with delights such as a Hillman Avenger, a Fiat 127, Minis, a very crusty Morris Marina, a bright orange Allegro estate, and a Moskvitch estate. I don't remember seeing any Opels in our road though, and I don't recall ever seeing one of the following cars. The vehicle in question is an Opel Commodore "B" GS Coupe, circa 1973.
Who took the photo, or for what reason, isn't given on the reverse of this period print, although it has the feel of a press photo to it. Instead of a registration plate, the Opel has a display "COMMODORE" plate attached, while behind the wheel is a thrusting suited exec, just the type of client that Opel would have pitched the snazzy, vinyl-roofed, Commodore GS Coupe at. Although I can't get too excited about many cars of the 1970s, this large two-door coupe is quite a good-looker to my eyes.
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Opel Commodore B Coupe
The Commodore "A" was introduced in 1967, while the above variant - the "B" - hit dealer showrooms in 1972. Four-door saloons and two-door coupes were offered, all fitted with smooth six-cylinder engines. Bottom rung of the Commodore ladder was the 2500S, followed by the 2500GS, the 2800GS, and finally the range-topping 2800 GS/E. The grille badge on the above coupe reads GS, so clearly the serious-looking chap in the RHD car above needed to increase his team's sales of photocopiers to earn the keys to a lush fuel-injected GS/E.
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