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See Homepage. This page: A 1960's photograph featuring a classic DAF 44 at a show, probably in 1966 or 1967.
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DAF 44.

The Michelotti-designed 844cc DAF 44 went on sale in the Autumn of 1966, soon to join (in 1967) the 746cc-engined 33 which would take over from the outgoing DAF Daffodil/DAF 31. Both the 33 and 44 were powered by a twin-cylinder engine, the former having a slightly shorter stroke, accounting for its smaller engine displacement.
The car shown below is an early example of the 44, as most I've seen photos of are fitted with a different style of "44" badge. I think this was photographed at a motor show of some kind, a number of gents are looking around at the DAF and other vehicles on display. For some reason, the car is missing its windscreen wiper blades.
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DAF 44 car in 1966
In addition to the saloon, a neat little estate car - the DAF 44 Combi - was also offered, as was a van version (a restored pickup version of the earlier 33 Variomatic can be found on this page).
The 44 was rarely going to trouble the outside lane of a motorway, with its diminutive motor only producing 32bhp, but drivers wanting an airy, nippy and above all affordable runabout, which was easy to drive in traffic thanks to its continuously variable transmission (Variomatic), could have done a lot worse than take a look at this neat little car. They could also stomach more than their fair share of hard living too, as this slightly later DAF 55, seen towing the remains of a DKW, will attest to.
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