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See Homepage. This page: A black and white photograph showing a six cylinder Daimler tourer, of the post-war era.
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Daimler DB18 Tickford.

Mike sent this photo over, it shows a fine postwar Daimler DB18 that once belonged to his Grandfather. Bodied by coachbuilder Tickford, this DB18 can trace it's origins to cars built shortly before the outbreak of WW2.
Mike adds: "As promised here is a photo of my Grandfather's Tickford bodied Daimler - I thought it might be of interest to you.
As you will see, gramps put a temperature guage on the radiator as it was prone to overheating and the temp gauge in the cockpit was very unreliable and he wanted an early warning when things were getting warm.
The car was actually registered in 1948 (according to my old man) - I thought it was earlier but from what he remembers the build began just before the outbreak of WW2 and it was stored and finished after the war. He bought it in the late 50's and kept it until he died in about 1980. The photo was taken by my dad to sell the car. I have some vague memories of being chauffeured around in the car by my Grandad, and the car having deep red leather upholstery."
A Daimler DB with Tickford coachwork
The straight six OHV Daimler DB18 was introduced in 1939, but hostilities meant that most of this model's production was shelved until the war was out of the way. Four door saloons, and stylish two door drophead coupes, were offered, the latter coachbuilt types either being penned by designers at Tickford, or alternatively Barker (a firm owned by Daimler at the time). The Tickford-bodied car, as shown above, would in 1947 have cost a not-unsubstantial 2,334 16s 8d. A look on the DVLA site suggests that this black example, registration HVC 625, was registered in April 1949, and last taxed in 1997. In 1950, the DB18 Consort model replaced the 2.5 DB18, and introduced styling more in line with late 40's thinking.
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