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See Homepage. This page: A family photographed with their imposingly-large Darracq automobile in the 1920s.
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Darracq tourer.

Tony emailed this photo to me, hoping that the car that belonged to his parents in the 1920s could be identified successfully. Asking around led to the vintage tourer being identified as a circa 1912 Darracq, probably a 16hp model (thanks to JW for the information). At that time the firm had been experimenting with a 16hp rotary-valve engine, in addition to the regular poppet-valve motor. Tony adds:
"Photo taken around 1924/25/26 although the car looks much older .... acetylene lights for example and clearly not in prime condition. My Father is at the wheel with my Mother alongside, probably somewhere in Leicestershire. Family history indicates that in the late 1920's and early 1930's three different makes of car were around (but not all at the same time!!), a Darracq, a Cluley, and a Willys Knight (believed to be a saloon)."
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16hp Darracq
A number of earlier cars produced by this manufacturer can be found on the veteran Darracq photo page.
My thanks to Tony for allowing me to share the photo here.
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