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Vintage Delage tourers.

The first photo in this duo shows a group of people and a fine Delage tourer of the vintage era. The car's registration (3723 - U2) should shed light on where the location for this scene might be. A positive identification of the specific model would also be appreciated, the scale of the steering wheel, the road wheels, and the prominent "V" windscreen, may all help in this regard.
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A Delage tourer

On tour?

Photograph number 2 appears to show another Delage, taking part in an event of some kind. One suggestion is that the car may be being used as part of a tour, possibly in Southern France? Flags adorn the front of the car, and mesh protectors have been fitted to the headlamps and the radiator. A legend, only partially visible unfortunately, has been applied to the car's polished aluminium bonnet. One chap, in full motoring attire, leans casually against the car, while another props himself up on the windscreen. A third gent is stood inside the car, surrounded by luggage cases and is addressing the gathered throng, who listen intently.
Suggested identifications for the car so far have included a six-cylinder DR70/DM, or possibly an early D8 of c1928, but confirmation one way or the other would be much appreciated. I've included a closer-in look at the front of the car, which may help pin more detail on the scene presented.
Crowds surround another Delage
Closer view of the car's front panelwork
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