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See Homepage. This page: Post-war photograph of a pre-war Dodge Coupe, possibly a Rumble Seat Coupe.
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1933 Dodge DP Six Coupe.

Barry in Canada emailed this photograph over. The photo shows his father after the war, stood with his prized Dodge Six Coupe of circa 1933. Barry adds:
"Attached is a photo I recently found of my father in 1945. He had been recently discharged from the Perth Regiment of the Canadian Army. He was 23 at the time and had seen active duty in Italy where he was wounded. The photo was taken at his girlfriend's cottage on the shore of Peasley Pond in the county of Stanstead in the province of Quebec, Canada."
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Vintage Dodge Coupe
Although a little grainy, this old photo features a classic car not previously represented on the site, so thanks to Barry for allowing me to show it here.
The '33 model year Dodge DP Six cars were powered by a 75hp six-cylinder sidevalve engine, coupled to a three speed box. Wooden wheels were standard fitment. 1933 would also be the final full year of the 92hp Dodge (DO series) Eight, buyers tending to opt for the Six more often than not.
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