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See Homepage. This page: Examples of the Eric Campbell light car of the early 1920's.
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10hp Eric Campbells.

The first two Eric Campbell motor-car photographs previously appeared in the Mystery Cars section of the site, and were soon identified as showing an example of the 10hp Eric Campbell, circa 1919 - 1921. Identifying features include the style of radiator, and the enormous steering wheel seen fitted to both cars on this page.
The first two photographs both feature a Manchester-registered car, registration NC-4?46. A serious-looking chap is seen sat in the car in both pictures, and is joined in one shot by a young lady wearing typical 20's headgear. The car dates to 1920 or thereabouts.
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An Eric Campbell motor-car
A second photo of the same vintage car

Another example of the Eric Campbell.

Photograph no.3 features a very similar car, and was identified by fellow VSCC members as another example of the Eric Campbell, its registration - XB 6487 - dating to mid-1920. In fact the XB (London) series only ran from April to June of that year. The car looks very dirty - had they been trialling or simply belting down a muddy country lane?
A different Eric-Campbell car
These cars were produced from 1919 to 1924 only, by a firm formed by H Eric Orr-Ewing and Noel Campbell Macklin. Early cars were simply known as the 10, whereas late examples from 1924 were referred to as the 10/22. Power came courtesy of a Coventry-Simplex four cylinder sidevalve engine of 1498cc, driving through a four-speed gearbox. Top speed was in the region of 55 - 60mph, the engine benefiting from a number of tuning tweaks in this installation. Despite the company only being in existence for a relatively brief period of time, some 500 or so examples are believed to have been built.

Contemporary Advertisement.

This full page advertisement celebrates their car being the first to climb Mutton Hill - ".. which is over a mile long and with an average gradient of 1 in 4, with an exceptionally bad surface and hair-pin bend on gradient of 1 in 3". Mr C.A. Peto had been similarly successful in negotiating the Nailsworth Ladder.
Car advertisement
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