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See Homepage. This page: This page features 1920s' Essex automobiles, one a saloon, the others being tourers.
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1. A vintage Essex saloon car.

Harry sent this first photo over, hoping that the vintage motor-car in it could be identified. I recognised it as being American, but ended up getting some advice on what exactly the car in the photo is. In the end it was identified as a vintage Essex. Harry estimates that the shot was taken in the late 1920s, or early 1930s. His grandmother is shown sat in the (RHD) car, with her parents sat on the Essex's running board. Part of the car's registration number is visible - 9889 - as is an early AA member's badge.
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A vintage 1920's Essex car
The Essex marque was a subsidiary of Hudson, and offered a range of affordable cars, whilst Hudsons were seen as the more upmarket brand in the family. Initially the cars were built by the Essex Motor Company, but in 1922 were fully absorbed into the parent company. In the early 1920s a number of Essex-based competition cars took the tracks with some success, gaining the marque some good publicity and cementing their reputation as a dependable and sound choice of car. The early cars were all open tourers, and were joined by the Essex Super Six closed saloon (or "sedan") in 1920. In 1922 a new saloon version, the "closed coach", was introduced, and really opened up the market for affordable saloon cars in the US. This was at a time when tourers were seen as the "budget" option, and closed-roof cars seen as the premium, more expensive, alternative, unlike today where the convertibles are usually the more expensive buy.
By the early 1930's sales were declining for Essex, and 1932 would see the end of the Essex marque. Its replacement would be the Terraplane.

2. An Essex tourer.

This large-scale photograph was mounted on card, so evidently meant something to its owner. The car, a former "mystery car" now identified as a 1919/1920 Essex tourer, most likely an Essex Model "A", is seen parked in front of a magnificent building, a young chap sat behind the wheel. Note the angular lines to the bodywork, and the painted radiator surround - not perhaps the prettiest of vintage cars that's for sure, but ideal for a run out into the countryside nonetheless. This RHD example has its roof folded, and the rear Auster screen in place, designed to protect the rear-seat passenger(s) from undue buffeting at speed.
1919 Essex tourer
Some items of Hudson-Essex paperwork can be found on this page.

3. Another vintage tourer.

A "new" snapshot of an Essex tourer now, possibly another Model A and again in RHD guise. No information other than a handwritten note on the rear of the photo advising it was "Our new car" is known. The stencilled number plate fitted to the car is only tied on, could this be a trade plate, fitted just for the duration of the journey from the supplying dealer to the new owners' abode? Tyres with matching tread are fitted, and the paintwork on the Essex's chassis and front axle looks in perfect condition, all pointing to a brand new car at the time of this photograph.
A brand new Essex motor-car of the 1920s
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