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Juan Fangio.

The majority of photographs here at OCC are of vehicles, but from time to time snapshots of legendary individuals turn up. Here is just such an image, which has the added advantage of also having two interesting vehicles in shot. I'm sure the original photographer had little interest in the car shown in the foreground, or indeed the BP International Racing Service vehicle, more likely it was the occupant of the service van - racing driver Juan Manuel Fangio no less - that was the object of his/her attentions. I could be wrong, but I believe the year of this photo was 1956, and the location Silverstone racing circuit.
Fangio is shown in his racing overalls, chatting away to the occupants of the BP vehicle. I'm hoping that someone may be able to identify the van they're sat in, the sloping front should help.

Aston Martin DB2/4 prototype.

If this is 1956, then Fangio was driving for Ferrari, following on from two seasons spent with Mercedes-Benz. His team-mate that year was Englishman Peter Collins. This ties in with the Aston Martin shown in the foreground, for this was at the time the personal transport of Collins. Initially registered VMF 123 (chassis # LML/515) until transferring to Collins, 9 FMP was the works prototype DB2/4, built in 1953. Initially it was constructed for David Brown, owner of Aston Martin, for his own use, although its role was actually as a prototype with which the Experimental Department developed the Mark II version of the DB2/4. The coachwork was by Mulliner. It survives to this day in a private collection. A period photo of a DB2/4 Mk2, works' demonstrator 163 GMC, may be seen on this page.
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Photo of Juan Fangio
1956 would be the year that Juan Fangio won his fourth of five World Championships, in this instance driving the Lancia-Ferrari D50. Team-mates that year were Castellotti, Musso, and Collins. The Silverstone meeting would be won by Fangio in the D50, with former team-mate from 1955 Stirling Moss getting pole position and fastest lap in the race, driving a Maserati 250F.
Footage of Fangio demonstrating the saddle-tanked D50 may be seen in the following Youtube video:
While the Argentinian museum dedicated to the career and life of Fangio can be seen here (external link).
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