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Ferguson FE 35 tractor.

As this site tries to encompass all flavours and tastes of vehicle preservation, it seemed high time that an example of classic Ferguson tractor - or "grey Fergie" - was added into the vintage photo section. The two photos shown below turned up in a small collection of tractor pictures some time ago. The vehicle in question, a Ferguson FE 35 registered MAP 846 (East Sussex, 1957), looks to be in new, or as-new, condition at the time. A couple of youngsters have been let loose playing on the venerable Fergie, I remember doing something very similar on an earlier Ferguson whenever we holidayed in South Wales.
A sturdy drop-side trailer is attached, as is a steel box arrangement on the front, ahead of the radiator. Unusually, it doesn't have the vertical exhaust that tends to appear on most examples of these popular farming machines. There are no notes to give a clue as to the location of this farm, which is a shame as the steel corrugated building in the background looks interesting.
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A new Ferguson 35 tractor in 1957
Photograph number two is a close-in shot of the larger child sat at the wheel of the tractor. The standard "Ferguson 35" bonnet badge can be clearly seen, just above the tax disc holder, as can an additional badge which could well be that of the supplying dealer. Note the comfortably padded seat, no metal-only seating arrangements for the lucky farmer who owned this particular Fergie.
At the time - 1957 - FE35 tractors featured a distinctive colour scheme of grey tinwork, and copper-painted running gear. These final run-out examples of the legendary Ferguson line, built in 1956 and 1957, were eventually replaced in the dealerships by the similar, but re-branded, Massey Ferguson MF35s, with their red panelwork and grey mechanicals.
Grey & copper FE 35
Other areas of the site that might interest Fergie enthusiasts include the free-to-post tractor parts ads, and a 1950's poster produced by Esso advertising their "new improved" Esso Green tractor vaporising oil.

Festival of Britain, 1951.

The next photo was taken at a show in the 1950s, where a wide variety of agricultural equipment was on show. Three tractors, and a crawler, are on display, mounted at differing heights on extending poles, creating a very eye-catching sight. Nearest the camera is a crawler, accompanied by a Ferguson tractor, a similar product from the Nuffield Group, and another - possibly a David Brown - in the background. The location I wasn't too sure about, but forum regular Peter adds: "[It's] the interior of the Country Pavilion, exhibiting the latest tractor models, part of the 1951 Festival of Britain South Bank Exhibition, London". Thanks for the update.
Ferguson & Nuffield tractors at a trade show
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