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Fiat 1500.

Leo kindly sent over a superb collection of photographs, taken during a cycling holiday around Utrecht in 1958. Having an interest in cars, he snapped all manner of roadside discoveries, including this distinctive 1935-1939 Fiat 1500. Dirty, with faded paint and misbehaving bumpers, it's a well-used and not perhaps the best-maintained example, with windscreen wipers that are conspicuous by their absence.
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Fiat 1500
Fiat picked up on the growing interest in streamlined car designs, when penning the new-for-1935 1500 model. Wind-tunnel testing lead to the car's distinctive, if not entirely elegant, design. Evidence of this can be seen in the 1500's headlamps, incorporated within wind-cheating pods built into the front wings, and the well-raked radiator grille flowing back to the sloping bonnet. The 500 Topolino, sold from 1937 onwards, would share many of the 1500's design cues.
Enclosed door hinges and flush handles also feature. The boxy upright bodywork evident on cars of just a few years earlier had suddenly become very outdated.
The six-cylinder 1500 continued in production until 1950, although it underwent a number of revisions during its 15-year life. The 1500B was introduced in 1939, incorporating a number of detail improvements to the original car, shortly before the 1500C - with its revised coachwork - made its debut in 1940. Nine years late the 1500E took over, surviving just a short time before being replaced by the new 1400 model.
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