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See Homepage. This page: A second page of photographs all featuring the Model Y Ford of the 1930's.
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Ford Model Y - Page 2.

This page continues on from the first page of classic Model Y Ford photographs, with a further selection of both two- and four-door saloons of the 1930's.

1. A four-door Model Y.

To kick off this second page, a side view of a four-door Model Y Ford, with a young lady at the wheel. The car looks to be in as-new condition, although we'll never know for sure as this photograph is undated. A note on the rear simply says: "In our little Ford - you remember!". Note the corner marker attached to the lip of the front wing, to help the driver judge the width of the car when parking.
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A Ford Model Y 4dr saloon car

2. A Model Y outside a workshop.

The second photograph to feature a Model Y sees one of these small 8hp Fords parked in the background outside a garage/workshop. The forlorn-looking Ford is registered CAH 990, suggesting a Norfolk location for this photo. The back end of a van can just be seen over to the right, and a bloke in a grubby jacket to the left.
Another Model Y Ford

3. A Model Y in Ireland.

Two classic Fords are clearly visible in this next photograph. To the right is a Ford Model Y, registration DI 2008, confirming that it was first registered in Roscommon, Ireland. It looks to be a fairly typical example of the breed, someone has fitted a rear view mirror to the offside front wing. However judging by the ding visible on the Ford's grille, the driver might have had issues with looking forwards as well as backwards.
The four people are leaning against another classic Ford. At first glance it looks like a 103E but the presence of running boards dictates that it is an earlier model. The dash is just visible through the passenger door window, and a vertical bar can just be made out. The length of the front door suggests that it was a four-door model, ruling out the 7Y "Eight" which was a two-door only, leaving the 7W "Ten" as the most likely candidate. Note all the oil drip marks on the concrete!
Model Y Ford in Ireland

4. A different Irish-registered Ford 8hp.

Two photos now, again of a Ford Model Y in Ireland albeit a different example. Registered in Mayo, the first of these two images shows the Ford (registration IZ 3035) on a snowy winter's day. The Ford seems to have traversed the few inches of snow successfully, so I'm not quite sure what the gent to the right is doing - it doesn't look like he'd need to be sweeping the road/path/driveway clear anyway. I hope he remembered to drain the radiator the night before, or else used some of the new-fangled anti-freeze that was becoming popular. In this image it has a straight bumper fitted to it.
Ford 8hp motor-car in snow
The second of these two images shows the same Model Y, parked up beneath a canopy (perhaps on or behind a railway platform?). A hatted gent looks on, while a small dog to the right ponders its next move. Unlike in the previous photograph, it now features a later Model Y bumper, with the dip in its centre.
Model Y parked up

5. Two ladies and a Ford 8.

Paul kindly sent this photo over, he found it nestled within a bunch of pictures he found at a car boot sale. The car is a Ford 8. The registration is either BTX 160 or BTX 168, a series first used in December 1936 thus making the car shown below a late example of the breed. An AA badge is fitted to the rad, and a large spotlamp is fitted to the front bumper, suggesting that perhaps the 6 volt lamps fitted as standard to the Model Y left room for some improvement..!
If only we could see more of the rakish drophead coupe parked alongside.
A Ford 8 and two ladies

6. A Model Y parked on the Isle of Anglesey.

EWG posted this photo of a Model Y Ford on the forum, and kindly agreed for it to be repeated here. The car belonged to his late father, and is seen here parked in the town of Beaumaris on Anglesey. The gent in the photo was a friend of his father's. The registration, EY 6042, confirms that the car spent its formative years on the roads of North Wales. The photo was taken during the war, as evidenced by the blackout mask fitted to the offside headlamp, and the painted front bumper. Unless I'm much mistaken, the Ford Eight was parked on Castle Street in the town.
A Ford Eight parked in Beaumaris

7. Three gents, one Ford.

Three gents are seen with this next "long rad" Model Y Ford, leaning casually against the 8hp car while parked at the side of a cobbled street.
A Model Y long-rad Ford
A second photo of the same car reveals it to be a two-door saloon, registration JF 8053, which suggests an early life spent puttering around the roads and lanes of Leicestershire. The loaded luggage rack implies that the Ford was being used on a camping trip or day out.
Two-door saloon
As more photographs of the 8hp Fords turn up, they'll be added on to this page.

8. Grainy view of a two-door car.

The Model Y shown in the grainy photo below appears to be in immaculate condition, although the dusty lens and dodgy exposure of the shot let it down. The tread on the spare tyre looks like new, perhaps the car - which is certainly shiny - was a new purchase, hence the photo? A young child stands on the driver's seat, peering out at the photographer.
Side view
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