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See Homepage. This page: Interesting photographs featuring classic Ford Model TT lorries, in the USA, Australia and in Britain.
Original transport photographs
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Ford's Model TT 1 ton truck.

Many Model T Fords feature in the vintage photographs section, with commercial versions of the Model T well represented, for instance the car-derived vans found here. Ford however were under pressure come up with a proper solution to the needs of the small-business owner, who wanted a no-frills commercial vehicle, embodying the advantages of the Model T, with a more usable payload capacity. In 1918, Ford in the USA came up the model featured on this page, the 1 ton Model TT. Compared to the Model T, the TT's chassis was both extended and reinforced , and was fitted with a beefed-up worm-drive rear axle.

1. A Model TT photographed in London.

Ford Model TT in Britain
The first 1 ton truck shown here was fitted with coachbuilt bodywork. It advertises Stereos Boots on the side of the rear canopy, and is not fitted with the usual electric lighting arrangement. Despite being LHD, this lorry was photographed in the UK (the picture was taken by a firm in Holborn, London). A UK tax disc is fitted near to where the driver's left elbow would be, and Dunlop pneumatic tyres are fitted. The Model TT was built in both the USA and in Britain, the British lorries being built at Ford's Trafford Park factory in Manchester. Launched in 1918, it was sold initially as a chassis only, designed to be bodied by outside coachbuilders. In 1924, Ford introduced their 'C' cab option for those who wanted an off-the-shelf 1 ton truck. Production of the Model TT continued until 1927, Ford finally pulling the plug on both the T and TT in the same year.

2. An Australian 1 ton Truck.

A 1 ton Model TT in Australia
Second photo to feature here was sent in by Dane, it shows a 1 ton TT truck in Australia. Dane knew a chap by the name of Bill Groves who lived in Melbourne. He believes that Bill was involved with building the first electricity transmission line to run from the newly-built Yallourn brown coal power station to Melbourne, a distance of about 90 miles. The Model TT, and other vehicles shown above, were seen being used on that engineering contract. The Ford is liveried with "State Electricity Commission" on the side of the rear body. Thanks for the photo!

3. An American 1 ton Ford.

A 1 ton Ford truck in the USA
Above, another photo from one of my albums. It shows an American family with their Model TT, piling into the back of their truck and nearly ready for a day trip by the look of it.

4. "Puroh" Model TT milk lorry.

Ten years and two months have passed since this page was last updated (Feb 2009), so it's high time for an update. My thanks to Graham for this next photograph, found within a family album. The gent stood alongside the Model TT milk delivery lorry is his father's brother, Stanley Somerville, and the year was 1926. Not only is the date known, but so too is the location - Sutton St, Walkergate, in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Note the sign over the cab for "Puroh Milk", and the extra lighting fitted to the sides of the cab to supplement the standard electric lamps.
There is a tragic back story to this photograph sadly, due to an accident that occurred on 18th December 1927, as Graham explains:
"He [Stanley] was the driver of the first Puroh Milk motorised float. Sadly, he lost his life aged 19 whilst driving down Fossway. He skidded on ice and hit a horse and cart coming the other way."
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Ford TT Puroh milk delivery lorry
As more classic 1 ton Ford photos come to light, I'll add them in here.
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