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Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 Spare Parts.

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Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000

Spares for Escort Mk2 RS2000s - find the bits you need here.

This page has been added to enable anyone to advertise for Escort Mk2 RS2000 spares they want, or list parts they no longer need, online and for FREE!

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Escort Mk2 RS2000 parts and memorabilia being sold in the UK and Internationally right now on eBay. To see complete cars, please scroll down.

Existing Ford Classifieds.

Parts F/S Ad. (Wellingborough, Northamptonshire) (31/5).
Fishnet recaro headrests, brown, mint cond, pair of.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Near glasgow) (6/6).
Looking for rs 2000 shell
Parts F/S Ad. (Near glasgow) (6/6).
Rs 2000 interior brown excelent con. offers
Spares Wtd Ad. (Belfast) (16/6).
LSD for English Axle
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malaysia) (2/7).
Looking for genuine Ford Escort MK2 1973 front and back spoilers
Spares Wtd Ad. (Powys) (17/7).
English axel halfshafts
Spares Wtd Ad. (Derbyshire) (18/7).
Escort MK2 rs2000 inner head light
Spares Wtd Ad. (Hamilton (new zealand)) (20/7).
Front spoiler 4 mk2 escort
Spares Wtd Ad. (South yorkshire) (9/8).
Wanted escort mk2 rs2000 parts
Spares Wtd Ad. (Southyorkshire) (9/8).
Door arm rests in brown
Spares Wtd Ad. (Christchurch) (18/8).
Bilstein shocks,mcpherson struts
Spares Wtd Ad. (Staffordshire) (22/8).
Anti roll bar bush 1980 mk2 escort
Spares Wtd Ad. (New zealand) (6/9).
Looking for 2 door mk 2 escort for restoration
Spares Wtd Ad. (Somerset) (30/9).
Plastic fitting for securing clutch cable to pedal. Also locking fuel filler cap.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Glasgow) (6/10).
4 door mk2 full interior any colour
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wales) (15/10).
Any Escort/capri parts
07774 631 421
Spares Wtd Ad. (Market Harborough, Leicestershire) (31/10).
Mk2, I need the centre top section of the bulkhead. This could be cut out of an old shell. Can you help?
Parts F/S Ad. (Nottinghamshire) (16/11).
Mk2 escort left hand drive scuttle brand new,sensible offers will be e mailed back
Spares Wtd Ad. (Isle of man) (18/11).
Mk 2 RS2000 custom door cards and centre consol
Spares Wtd Ad. (Livingston) (11/12).
I need a janspeed exhaust and a k and n air filter to fit twin 40 webers
01506 149935
Spares Wtd Ad. (Glasgow) (25/12).
Genuine Ford rsmk2 inner wing must be new.
Spares Wtd Ad. (BRIDGEND SOUTH WALES) (16/1).
Parts F/S Ad. (West lothian scotland) (27/1).
4 speed straight cut g/box,suit race or road use 400
07710 788457
Parts F/S Ad. (Fife) (23/2).
W reg rs 2000 needs welding, exellent engine & q/shift box etc . would make great project, may break,
Spares Wtd Ad. (Mansfield) (25/2).
Mk2 rs2000 brown fishnet trim must be mint
07966 142128
Spares Wtd Ad. (Mansfield) (25/2).
Mk2 rs2000 brown fishnet trim must be mint
07966 142128
Parts F/S Ad. (Northumberland) (25/2).
Mk2 rs2000 os inner wing brand new
Parts F/S Ad. (Keighley,west yorkshire) (9/3).
4.6 cwp wanted to fit rs2000 axle
Spares Wtd Ad. (Liverpool) (9/4).
Rs2000 group 1 x pack spares
Parts F/S Ad. (Fife / scotland) (10/4).
Escort rs 2000 steel wheels 5 of with 1 new and 4 realy good tyres , exellent condition sell or px for other rs spares
Saloon Parts F/S Ad. (Fife scotland) (17/4).
Rs four spokes mint condition,just been blasted and diamond polished with original black nuts,no tyres. 175.00
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Fife scotland) (17/4).
Always wanted mk1 or 2 escorts cars or vans.abandond projects.crashed,scrap W.H.Y. cash waiting
Parts F/S Ad. (Moray) (18/4).
Mk2 escort rs2000 any condition considered,cash waiting
Parts F/S Ad. (Adeliade Australia) (19/5).
Damaged rs2000 4 sale
Parts F/S Ad. (Adeliade Australia) (19/5).
Also 2 door mk2 79 model, plus loads of parts,wheels,engines,rs2000nose cone, gearbox, interior, seats etc etc
Spares Wtd Ad. (Glasgow) (13/6).
Pirelli cn36 tyre must be new or as new.
Parts F/S Ad. (Fife scotland) (20/6).
Mk 1 escort camper van breaking for spares loads of parts all in usable condition
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lancs) (17/7).
Spares Wtd Ad. (Kent) (30/11).
Mk2 rear axle wanted also sierra prop shaft
Parts F/S Ad. (Essex) (12/2).
Wanted in excellant condition
Spares Wtd Ad. (Hebrides) (3/3).
Rs2000 xmember engine mounts for rs2000
Spares Wtd Ad. (London) (8/4).
Mk2 recaro bucket seats with fishnet headrests
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lewisham) (30/4).
I need nose cone & alloy sump
Parts F/S Ad. (Newmarket) (1/6).
Set 4 RS Alloys with tyres 80 ono, N/S Door for 2 door car 100 ono, Blue Air filter for MK2 RS 15; Twinbox Exhaust 50; Cast manifold with RS stamp and downpipe 20; Cam for 2 litre Pinto 10
07939 731912
Parts F/S Ad. (Birmingham) (20/7).
Janspeed manifold 4 mk2 RS2000 30
Parts F/S Ad. (N.ireland) (15/9).
German group one head and cam.rocket four speed c/r box. thanks
Spares Wtd Ad. (N.ireland) (15/9).
Wanted not for sale german group one head & cam also c/r rocket box.sorry,thanks
Parts F/S Ad. (Philippines) (16/9).
Fully restored escort
Parts F/S Ad. (Philippines) (16/9).
Fully restored RS Escort, kent engingine w/bcf racing cam and weber twinside
Spares Wtd Ad. (Philippines) (18/9).
Need ford BDA twincam Cosworth Engine 2.0 for my new project
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bideford ,north devon) (7/10).
Headlights complete with backing plates & adjusters
Spares Wtd Ad. (West mids) (17/12).
Wanted rs 2000 project anything considard
Spares Wtd Ad. (HERTFORDSHIRE) (31/12).
Spares Wtd Ad. (Worcestershire) (11/3).
Looking for 2.1 pinto and black rs recaros
Spares Wtd Ad. (Coventry) (4/6).
Wanted RS2000 dipstick
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cornwall) (23/7).
Rs2000 mk2 headlights and spots wanted just the bowls really mine arre rusted or were can i get ??originally cibie
Parts F/S Ad. (Essex) (6/8).
Genuine ford escort mk2 x-pack body kit. flat front....complete...open to offers
07912 978279
Parts F/S Ad. (Warwickshire) (27/8).
5 alloy wheels part no: 6jx13xchx19 c81 eb aa 175
Spares Wtd Ad. (West midlands) (30/8).
Roof skin, or whole roof
Modified Parts F/S Ad. (Worcestershire) (11/9).
Pair fishnet recaro seats in grey/dark blue inserts. Reasonable condition. offers please
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bishop auckland) (21/11).
Any parts wanted for mk2 escort rs2000
Spares Wtd Ad. (Oxfordshire) (7/2).
Fishnet headrests any colour
Parts F/S Ad. (West midlands) (24/2).
Escort mk2 quarter bumpers new fibreglass replicas 35
(Years applic: )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (South africa) (8/3).
(Years applic: 1978 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Lancashire) (2/4).
Escort mk2 passenger and driver window rear axle single leaf springs
(Years applic: 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wales) (3/4).
Need inner wing as mine needs loads of welding.
(Years applic: 1979 )
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.N.I.) (22/5).
Good econd hand 5 inch twin headlamps for sale
(Years applic: )
Modified Spares Wtd Ad. (ITALY) (20/7).
Ford escort mk2 rs 2000 weber idfs airbox
(Years applic: 1976-80 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Derby) (28/7).
Wanted for my rs2000 mk 2,
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Derby) (28/7).
Wanted for my rs2000 mk 2, drivers door arm rest in brown,also require heater bubble panel for bulk head,and window door seals full set,
(Years applic: 1980 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Watford) (1/8).
Mk 2 escort front windowscreen required
(Years applic: 1975-1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Derbyshire) (3/11).
Wanted doors for mk2 rs 2000 also roll top seats why
(Years applic: 1977 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Blackpool) (14/11).
ATE Teves type Master cylinder
(Years applic: 1980 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (London) (2/12).
All parts wanted for either 1980 RS2000 or 1980 2.0lt Mk2 4door
(Years applic: 1979-81 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Perth australia) (2/12).
Hi, I require steering rod boots and an oiginal air filter housing lower section.
(Years applic: 1979 mk 2 rs2000 )
0409 025 677
Parts F/S Ad. (India) (13/12).
Alisha escort services
(Years applic: 1999 )
Parts F/S Ad. (SOUTH AFRICA) (23/12).
RS 2000 SUMP
(Years applic: 1979 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Fife) (28/3).
Ford rs turbo series 1 project for sale stripped for repair needs some welding.includes engine.box,suspension,ectall bits there to complete,good interior,16\wheels,offers around 1400 or px mk2 escort or why.
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Liverpool) (28/3).
ATE Teves Master Cylinder - Service kit fitted but untested.
(Years applic: 1979-1980 )
Parts F/S Ad. (East Sussex) (29/3).
RS 2000 engine and box for sale also dash with white clocks offers
(Years applic: 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Midlands Ireland) (23/4).
Wanted clean black interior for 1980 mk 2 rs 2000
(Years applic: 1980 )
+353 87 244 5330
Parts F/S Ad. (Newcastle) (1/5).
Brand new unused near-side front inner wing mk 2 rs 2000 best offer
(Years applic: mk 2 rs 2000 (droop snoot) )
Spares Wtd Ad. (North wales) (16/5).
Ate 20mmbrake master cylinder
(Years applic: 1979/1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norway) (18/5).
Shocks inserts for RS 2000
(Years applic: 1976 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Brimingham) (29/7).
Rs 2000 mk2 twin headlamps wanted
(Years applic: 1979 )
0774 7077868
Parts F/S Ad. (Birmingham) (29/7).
Rs mk2 twin headlamps
(Years applic: )
0774 7077868
Spares Wtd Ad. (Swindon) (4/8).
Passeger side browm recaro or just back ofseat
(Years applic: 1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bristol) (31/8).
Escort Mk2 RS2000 wanted, any condition.
(Years applic: jerryh@talktalk.net )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Dumfriesshire) (13/9).
Escort rs2000 door drivers and passengers any condition, nosecone, bonnet boot
(Years applic: 1979 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Perth) (1/11).
Wanted escort 2 door mk 2 shell
(Years applic: 1978-1980 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Glasgow) (1/11).
Black fishnet + trim for mk 2 escort
(Years applic: 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Glasgow) (1/11).
Black fishnet + trim for mk 2 escort
(Years applic: 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Harrogate) (8/12).
Wanted new o/s wing for mk2 rs2000 must be genuine
(Years applic: 1075-1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Leicester) (24/1).
Mk2 rs 2000 interior wanted or full rs for spares
(Years applic: 1976-1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wexford ireland) (20/2).
3:5:4 diff wanted
(Years applic: 79 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Limerickmk) (5/3).
Mk2 4dr parts wanted
(Years applic: 1973 )
086 8579446
Spares Wtd Ad. (Sunderland) (9/3).
Mk2 rs 2000 interior wanted or full rs for spares also x pack wheels,boot spoiler headlamps cash waiting must be good condition
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cork ireland) (11/5).
Off side,drivers rhd inner wing ....new only
(Years applic: 77-80 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Kerry) (12/5).
Mk2 spares
(Years applic: 1979 )
087 2458711
Modified Parts F/S Ad. (Morpeth) (5/7).
RS 2000 custom headlights with mounting plates and surround covers headlight units perfect condition
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Morpeth) (5/7).
RS 2000 custom fuse box and covers
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Perth, Scotland) (9/9).
MK2 RS2000 PARTS WANTED: dipstick, rear light lens screws, type 9 speedo cable clip, bonnet cable, seat belt reel spacer bracket, window wiper linkage & poss more parts to complete restoration.
(Years applic: 1978-1980 )
07831 511639
Spares Wtd Ad. (Staffordshire) (26/9).
Centre console
(Years applic: 1978 )
07800 801363
Parts F/S Ad. (Leeds) (9/11).
Wanted MK2 Escort RS2000 in any condition however bad everything is considered private buyer
(Years applic: 1976-1981 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Ireland) (15/1).
Mk 2 escort 2 door shell 4 sale, has doors, bonnot , bootlid and wings, no glass, not wonderful condition wud need a lot of work to put rite, no engine or running gear
(Years applic: 1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bromley) (22/6).
Mk2 RS2000 alloy sump wanted
(Years applic: 1979 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Nottinghamshire,england) (3/1).
Mk 2 escort,genuine rear panel
(Years applic: 1978 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Middlesex) (22/12).
Mk 2 escort roof wanted, must be in vgc no rot and no big dents please
(Years applic: 1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cumbria) (18/3).
Chocolate dash for mk2 rs2000. Decent nick no sun damage
(Years applic: 1976 RS200 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Middlesex) (8/12).
Rs 2000 nosecone wanted ,must be in vgc , no splits distortion etc
(Years applic: 1980 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Switzerland) (30/3).
A pair of the adjustable front door side window
(Years applic: 1976-1981 )

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