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Ford Falcon Futura Sports Coupe (third generation).

The first Ford Falcons broke cover in 1960, and received a makeover in 1964 before a further re-working resulted in the third generation (1966 - 1970) type, of which the following is an example. To be precise, this car - which at first glance looks like a marriage of a Mk2 Ford Cortina and a Mustang - is a Falcon Futura Sports Coupe. In additon to the two-door coupe, a four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon were also offered. A number of engine options were available, ranging from a 2.4 litre straight six, up to V8s of either 4.3, 4.7 or 4.9 capacity. A close look at the badge on this Falcon's front wing, confirms that it has the 289 cubic inch (4.7) Windsor V8 engine bolted in beneath its lengthy bonnet, or hood.
Who took the photo isn't known, it came in a batch of images that were taken of cars in a car park in Europe. The "ZH" letters and the style of plate point to the car having been registered in Zurich, in Switzerland.
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Ford Falcon Futura
The third generation cars were built from 1966 to 1970. The 289 engine began to be phased out in 1968, so chances are this car dates to 1966 or 1967. Trim levels in the Futura were somewhat more opulent and sporting when compared to those found in the basic version. Bucket seats, extra brightwork to the exterior (often complemented by a vinyl roof for an extra $74), and groovy wheel trims incorporating mock spinners, as on the car above, offered Mustang-esque style at a somewhat lower price than the real deal.
Whoever owned this car was keen to have a good view of the road behind, having fitted it with both door and wing mirrors on the driver's side. Does anyone recognise the sleek coupe parked alongside the Falcon?
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