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See Homepage. This page: News of another fine old garage seen in Wales during 2009, ex-Rootes Group.

Pritchard and Sons.

Rob kindly sent this recent photo over, showing the garage of Pritchard & Sons Ltd still standing proudly in Llandrindod Wells, Wales. A number of old Welsh garages appear in this section, including this one in Welshpool and this former garage in Caernarfon, so its interesting to see another one.
Pritchard's garage in Wales
Pritchard's garage, also known as Central Garage, is located at the corner of Station Crescent and Temple Street. Old signs for Commer, Hillman, Humber and Sunbeam are still in evidence, indicating that this at one time was a Rootes dealership. Various modern petrol pumps are in place, mounted on concrete bases that probably featured classic pumps & globes at one time. Swing out booms deliver the fuel to waiting vehicles.
In the window beneath the Hillman sign is a modern advertisement for Pritchard & Son - Funeral Directors, suggesting that the family name is still involved with this lovely old garage. The frontage of the garage looks much as it must have done way back, and the original old wooden doors are still in use. I've since discovered that a great-uncle of mine used to work at this dealership, much of the family having lived in this area.

More photos of this former Rootes garage.

Three years after first publishing this page, we found ourselves in Llandrindod Wells and had chance to have a first-hand look at this fine old garage. The 1980s (?) petrol pumps are still in position, and while there has been some deterioration since the first photo on this page was taken, some areas - such as the window frames to the left of the main door - have received a fresh coat of paint. Will the building ever be fully re-furbished? it would take some funds to achieve it.
The first of my photos takes a closer look at the front facade. Interestingly it appears that some letters in the company's signage have been replaced over the years. The "N" in "HILLMAN" for instance is a larger replacement, while "SONS" also looks to have been replaced at some point. The swing-out booms that dispensed fuel to cars remain in place, and have been used in recent(ish) times, although I doubt that dangling fuel hoses over pedestrians walking beneath them would meet with modern H&S requirements (spoilsports!).
The old Rootes Group car garage in Llandod
Here is a closer look at the fuel dispensing hoses and frames, still attached to the outer walls of this historic garage. The lions displayed around the building feature a date of 1929 upon them. Restored, this would make for a fantastic garage from which to sell old cars - but perhaps the location is too out of the way for most potential buyers?
Fuel hoses and pumps
Peering through a window reveals the entrance foyer and reception desk - the originals from 1929 perhaps?
Reception and foyer area
The advertisement below for Rootes Group products (Humber Hillman Commer), dating to 1934, features the type of vehicles that at one time would have been frequent visitors to Pritchard's garage. Sunbeam was absorbed into the Rootes Group in 1935. Original black and white photos of a Rootes garage in Middlesex, caught on camera in the 1950s and early 1960s, can now be found on the Ashford Motors page.
Advertisement for Rootes Group cars and lorries

Also in Llandod - The Automobile Palace.

There is another garage building in Llandrindod Wells (aka Llandod) worth hunting down too. Called The Automobile Palace, the art deco building - dating to 1913 - survives as offices and home to a bicycle museum (see the National Cycle Museum site). Photographs of this fine establishment will be added in shortly.
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