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Aswestry Motor Garage.

A day spent in Oswestry (Aswestry), Shropshire, in November 2017, yielded a sighting of this interesting old building, which clearly has a history of motor-related business activity. A check online shows that until late in 2009, this and the adjoining buildings were used by ATS Euromaster, who sold tyres, exhausts and other car consumables. By December 2009 all the signs had gone, and while the next door buildings have seen subsequent business use, the former garage building shown here continues to sit there, anonymous to the outside world. Boarded up at street level, with its signs removed and grass growing in the gutters, it looks more than a little forlorn.
A date of 1894 can be seen at the top of the frontage.
To the side of the building, which is close to the railway station on Oswald Road, old script advertising "Aswestry Motor Garage" is still visible, as is evidence of other lettering that must have been added - and later removed - over time. This suggests that it was used in the 1920s/1930s, and quite possibly back to the Edwardian years.
Aswestry Motor Garage, in Oswestry Shropshire
Neither a search online for "Aswestry Motor Garage" nor "Oswestry Motor Garage" brings up anything relating to this building, so hopefully by adding this page, more information regarding the garage's early history will come to light. Hopefully. A check of several old RAC Handbooks (1907, 1928/9, 1949/50, & 1959), and a few from the AA (1928, 1934/5, & 1958/9) reveals nothing of a business located here - not that every garage was affiliated to the AA or RAC, but many were.
Penman, a regular on the Old Classic Car forum, sent the following link which shows the premises in happier times, in 1963: http://www.oswestrygenealogy.org.uk.
More photos of surviving old garage buildings here.

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