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Jubilee Filling Station.

I stumbled across this quite by chance when going to collect a vintage livestock trailer from a village close to Denstone, several years back. The fact that this quaint, very early, petrol filling station had survived into the 20th Century was quite amazing. I had hoped that someone in the area might raise funds to have it refurbished one day, as survivors this early (believed built in 1935) are extremely thin on the ground nowadays. Alas, the future for this relic of a byegone motoring age was not one of restoration, but of destruction as the following updates relate.
News filtered through early in 2007 that some low-life %^^**!$ burnt down this historic building. The pumps survive, at least at the time of writing, but how long before modern flat-pack houses are built over this site? What a real shame. A local news report can be found here.
In 2009 Jan dropped me a line about this early garage: "Just thought I would mention how pleased I was to see the old petrol station at Denstone on your website. It was owned by my great aunt until she died, and I remember visiting many years ago and seeing the pumps in action - must have been during the 1960's. It brought back many memories."
Although many years had passed since a car last pulled up for a drop of motor spirit at these pumps, how neat it would have been to see the building and pumps restored, and preserved Austin, Morris, Singer and Hillman motor-cars posed outside for photographs. Alas that cannot happen now, the garage only survives in photographs - such as those shown below - and in the fading memories of locals who may have topped up their cars' tanks at this quaint roadside filling station.

vintage garage in Denstone, Staffordshire

original style petrol pumps still in place

surely it must be preserved???

More old garage photos here.

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