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See Homepage. This page: A rare auto dating to pre-WW1 days, a Hansa tourer, seen in it's German homeland.
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A Hansa sports-tourer.

Tina was hoping that she could have the car in this vintage photograph identified. It was amongst some old family photos, and was believed to have been taken in Germany, shortly before the outbreak of WW1. John W from the VSCC finally identified it as a 1913 Hansa Type E automobile, fitted with sports-touring coachwork in what he describes as the 'Alpenfahrt' style. The Type E used Hansa's 3.8 litre, four cylinder, engine, incorporating overhead valves, which for it's time was quite unusual.
The slot in the windscreen is an unusual feature, and apparently was designed to aid the chauffeur's vision, while driving in the rain. Note the brake and gear levers beneath the driver's right arm, and the multi-tone horn arrangements.
A vintage Hansa automobile
The Hansa-Lloyd marque commenced car and truck production in 1905 from premises in Bremen, Germany, and was taken over by the Borgward firm in 1929.
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