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Hillman Hunter.

This shot of a late-1960s Hillman Hunter is the last of the Police car photos that Ian sent over, and was kind enough to let me show here. NTY 995F was the first Hunter to enter Police service in Northumberland, this example dating to 1968.
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Police version of the Hillman Hunter car

UK-market Hillman Hunters.

The 1725cc "Arrow" series cars were introduced by Rootes in 1966 and continued in production until 1979 (although the Iran-built Paykan, a Hunter built under license, continued to be on sale until 2005). Just like BMC, Rootes were keen exponents of badge engineering, and the Hunter would go on to be also offered to UK buyers - with some updates and cosmetic alterations - as the Humber Sceptre or Singer Vogue/Gazelle, alongside the Hunter-based fastback Alpines and Rapiers. A basic version of the Hunter, called the Minx, would join the range in 1967 with a 1496cc engine. Other markets would see further variations on the same theme sold to them, all based on the Hunter design.
Press-on types with a hunger for more ooomphh from their Rootes motoring, may have been tempted by the Hillman GT (later called the Hillman Hunter GT) with its updates including twin carburettors and sportier styling, while those looking for luxuries combined with performance updates would probably have opted for the (Holbay-tweaked) GLS instead, fitted with twin Weber carbs and something of a wolf in sheep's clothing. The estate version of the Hunter would go on sale in April 1967, with further alterations to all the models - basic, sporty or luxurious - coming on stream in later years of the car's production run.
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