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See Homepage. This page: Two rare photographs showing the two door roadster version of Hudson's Terraplane 6.
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Circa 1934 Hudson Terraplane Roadster.

The car in these two photographs took some identifying, and in the end a contact in the VSCC identified it as a circa 1934 Hudson Terraplane Six, in rare roadster form. Most photographs I've found of Terraplanes from the early 1930's tend to show large four-door saloons, so I'm guessing that these roadsters were quite rare even in the 1930's. This example, registration HF 9791, hails from the Wallasey area of Great Britain. Whether the imposing residence seen in the background is located in the North West of England though I cannot tell.
The first view of the Hudson is a side-on shot, showing the car's very elegant lines and two-door convertible coachwork. Saloons tend to have their spare wheel incorporated within the passenger side front wing, yet this roadster has the spare hung at the back, fully enclosed.
There is a small fixture visible on the rear wing - is it a step, to help climbing into a rumble (ie dickey) seat? The distinctive Terraplane mascot fitted to the radiator shell can also be seen in this view.
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A Hudson Terraplane Six
Photo #2 is a slightly out-of-focus look at this classic car's front end, note the streamlined style of the car's grille and the Ford-like dip to the front bumper.
Front view of the Terraplane
An eight-cylinder version was also offered, identifiable by longer front wings and bonnet, and opening bonnet vents rather than the pressed type seen on this '6'.
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