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See Homepage. This page: A period frontal view of a wartime Humber Scout Car, a type used by the Army throughout the war.
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Humber Scout Car Mk2.

Army Scout Car serial number 92ZV30 was last in a thirty-strong batch of Mk1 and Mk2 Humber Scout Cars that began with 92ZV00. The age of this photograph isn't known, the vehicle looks to have seen service already so my guess is that it dates to the mid- or late-1940s. The type was introduced in 1942 and continued in production until 1945, and was of broadly similar design to the Daimler Dingo. Power came courtesy of a six-cylinder petrol engine.
Two Army personnel could be accommodated within the Scout's angular bodywork, although there was a jump seat for a third person if necessary. Armament was courtesy of either one or two 0.303 in. Bren guns. Although over 4,000 examples were built, survivors are few as most were either destroyed in battle (perhaps on reconnaissance duties), or else used for target practice by the Army as late as the 1960s.
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Humber Scout Car
I believe that the example above is a Mk2 Scout Car, the most obvious difference being a raised hump in the tinwork ahead of the driver, offering more clearance for the driver's hands on the steering wheel.
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