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See Homepage. This page: A classic car from Belgium - a Dutch-registered Imperia TA8 built in 1948.
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A classic Imperia TA8.

Herb in Australia kindly posted over some original old photographs, and amongst them were two pictures of a rare Imperia TA8 roadster. Not a car I'd ever seen before, this particular RHD classic was built in 1948, and registered in The Netherlands during 1955 as TD-63-11.
The first photo shows the car in a large parking area, with some dunes visible in the background. The roof is down in this shot.
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The Imperia classic car from Belgium
The second photo shows the same car with hood now raised. Judging by the interest shown by the chap on the bicycle, these were never a common sight.
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Imperia TA8 roadster
Does anyone know more about this car? A look on the Flickr photo-hosting site brings up several more shots of the exact same car. The first even appears to have been taken in the same location as the photo above. Interestingly the subsequent photos show the car as its condition deteriorated over a period of several years. By 1974 it was starting to look a little dog-eared. There then follow some colour shots, showing the car in its green paint finish. These later photos are un-dated, but suggest that perhaps the car has survived?

A former owner of this Imperia TA 8 gets in touch.

Abel de Jong contacted me in December '11 with some more information on the car shown above. He once owned it, and is keen to find it once more, as he relates:
"On your website I found "my" Imperia TA 8 1948. As early as 1959 I was interested in old cars and I bought this car in Leyden, the Netherlands in 1963. I was a student at that time and had the opportunity of restoring the car. I must say that I changed it in many ways, but kept the original character. I shall never forget the glorious moment I started the rebuilt engine and it sprang to life. The car rode very nice having independent suspension, front wheel drive and a strong engine (Hotchkiss, France). On a trip to Belgium one of the driveshafts broke and I lost a front wheel which disappeared in an abyss. The car swerved on the road and landed on the parking lot of a shop! I was happy to survive it."
"As time went on I sold the car. But in 1973 I rediscovered the car about 100 kms from my house in a derelict state. I always wanted to purchase the car back, and I am searching for it now. Is has to be re-restored. Now I possess an Armstrong Siddeley Whitley from 1951. Any information leading to the Imperia is most welcome!"
Can anyone help Abel track down his old Imperia? If you can provide more information on this car, please get in touch and I'll add it in.
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