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See Homepage. This page: Side view of a much-modified Indian motorcycle dating to 1916 approximately.
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Indian motorcycle.

Nigel kindly sent a batch of photos over a while ago, and amongst them was this little cracker, featuring a vintage Indian motorcycle.
Not being very au fait with these fine motorcycles, at first glance I'd assumed it was an Indian Scout, but further investigation suggests that it may actually be the 998cc V-Twin-powered Indian Powerplus. Certainly the shape of the tank and general layout resemble the Powerplus much more closely than the Scout.
The Powerplus was introduced in 1916. The bikes from this first year of production feature a frame that passes over the fuel tank, rather than below the level of the tank top as is the case on later examples. The Indian shown in the photograph below has this feature, so could well be one of the very early Powerplus motorcycles, albeit in much-modified form. Low-slung handlebars are fitted, as is a sports exhaust system. The bike's (UK) registration number is PB4770, this Surrey registration ran from August 1919 to July 1921, but I think the bike pre-dates this era by approximately three years.
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Indian Powerplus motorcycle
I don't know a great deal about classic or vintage motorcycles, so I'd welcome any corrections and/or additions to the details I have on this classic machine, thanks.
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