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Jaguar 2.4 Saloon.

The thick window pillars, and the positioning of the front lamps, confirm that this Jaguar is the Mk1 saloon (built 1955 - 1959) rather than the later, but broadly similar-looking, Mk2 Jaguar. Two hatted gents, one dothing his hat, the other preparing to tuck into a tasty baguette, are seen in this original old photo. The gents are in shirtsleeves, and the Jaguar's front windows are open, suggesting a warm summer's day. A tin of Peek Frean's assorted biscuits awaits their attention.
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A Jaguar Mk1 saloon
The Jaguar 2.4 Litre saloon (later referred to as the Mk1) was introduced in 1955, the first saloon to roll off the Browns Lane production line with unitary construction. The engine was a short-stroke version of the XK120 sportscar's twin-cam straight six XK unit, endowing the car with reasonable performance for its day. However as the American market was becoming ever more important to Jaguar, it became obvious that the option of more grunt wouldn't be a bad thing, so, in 1957, the 3.4 Litre was introduced. The radiator grille was enlarged slightly to aid cooling, and the rear wheel spats fitted as standard to the 2.4s were cut away on the 3.4 Jaguar to aid rear brake cooling. Knock-on wire wheels were also fitted to the 3.4s, another reason to open up the rear spats to avoid them fouling with the spinners.
The Jaguar shown in the photo above is on steel wheels, and has the full rear spats in place, suggesting that it is probably the 2.4 litre version.
Production of the "Mk1" continued until 1959, when the revised Mk2 came on stream.

2. A racing Mk1 at a Production Car Race.

In amongst a collection of amateur snapshots, all taken at a 1950s race meeting, is the following photo. The car in the foreground is a race-ready Mk1, registration RKV 466. Lamps taped up, and hubcaps removed, it was clearly destined for a few "hot" laps at an un-named racing circuit. But where is this? Unusually for a racing Jaguar, there are no references to RKV to be found online currently.
Handily though, the registration of the Mk7 parked alongside (one of two in view), OVC 69, does give some useful clues as to the date and location of this meeting. OVC 69 was a Jaguar Works' Mk7, used in many competitive events, from the Monte Carlo rally to saloon car races at Silverstone. In was in a saloon car race, at Silverstone in 1956, that Ivor Bueb triumphed behind the wheel of OVC, entered as car number 1. The entry number "1" can be seen painted onto the offside front wing. Photos elsewhere show the car competing at this race, looking identical to how it does here. So, it would seem that this photo was taken at the 1956 Production Car Race at Silverstone. This date ties in nicely with the cars shown in other photos that make up this small collection of images. Other race-prepared Mk7s can be seen on this page in the gallery here at OCC.
Could that be Jaguar's "Lofty" England, stood to the right with his back to the photographer? And can anyone shed light on the Mk1 shown below - who owned it, and who drove it here?
Mk1 RKV 466 and Mk7 OVC 69
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