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Jaguar Mk9.

This colour photo could almost be from a period sales brochure for the Jaguar Mk9, however it was actually taken by Peter Baxter's father at their family home. Peter thinks that the shot must date to the mid-1960s. Quite a few photographs added to the site recently have hailed from Peter's family albums, ranging from photos of an MG J2 through to a Triumph Gloria, with more to follow. This though was the family Mk9, a continuation of the Jaguar big saloon line previously upheld by the Mk8 and before that, the Mk7.
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Jaguar Mk9 car
The Mk9 made its debut in October 1958 and continued in production until 1961, by which time the Mk10 was ready. Differences between the Mk9 and the previous Mk8 were evolutionary rather than revolutionary - disc brakes now featured at all four corners, allied to the fitment of the larger (3.8 litre) XK engine instead of the 3.4 unit, while the driving experience was further improved by the fitment of power steering.
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